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Top Photo: June 16, 2017. Mandi Buck releasing another BIG Chinook (King) Salmon. Note the perfect "Keep-em-Wet" technique. If you are interested in hiring a fishing guide for river or ocean and want to learn how, where and when to catch these fish, please contact me anytime and I will help make the arrangements for a trip of a lifetime! 


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River, Ocean and Lake Reports

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Last update was Sunday, June 25, 2017 at 6:31am

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- 2017 for Zymoetz (Copper) & Skeena River

- 2017 Skeena River summer-run Steelhead and Salmon

- 2017 Kitimat River for Coho (Silver) Salmon

- 2017 Multi Rivers for spring Steelhead

- 2017 Multi Rivers for spring Chinook

- 2017 Kwinamass River for Steelhead (April &May) only

- 2017 Nass and Coastal Rivers

- 2017 Douglas Channel ocean fishing for Salmon and Bottom fish

- 2017 Prince Rupert ocean fishing for Salmon and Bottom fish

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Wind: S 13km/h Partly cloudy (+13 degrees C ) Coho fishing closed October 31st. Steelhead are in the Skeena, Kalum and Zymoetz (Copper) Rivers. Note: To review ALL PAST Tyee Test Fishery data and charts cast here: Note: NEW section added called Recommended Fly Fishing GearNote: FOR SALE ECO Tour Tenure license, see Market Place section. Note: FOR SALE Saltwater Lodge  owners of this Lodge say they have over 1050 guests booked thus far for 2015 season and did over $2,000,000 in gross revenue for 2014. Certainly a real positive for any potential Buyer to have a turn-key business see Market Place section. Note:  NEW section titled Guest Post and first article from Jeremy Watson titled Why Fishing is Good for Your Health, see Guest Post section.


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Recent and Today's updates below:


Recent updates:  Update: NEW to the report, links to Kalum River stories and Kalum River videos, see Kalum River section. Update: NEW to the report, links to Kitimat River stories and Kitimat River videos, see Kitimat River section. Update: 2017 booking trips for Skeena River. Update: Tracey Hittel of Kitimat Lodge sent an eight minute Video collage created with some amazing fishing pictures from 2014!, see Kitimat Lodge section for the link.  Update: We would like to WELCOME Pure Fishing onboard, they are now the official, exclusive sponsor of this fishing report.


Today's updates:  FOR SALE Saltwater Lodge ~ info updated May 25 and the price lowered. Certainly a real positive for any potential Buyer to have a turn-key business see

Market Place section. Update: Tracey Hittel of Kitimat Lodge sent Video link so you all can watch their "2015 Season Review", see Kitimat Lodge section just below the Skeena River section. Update: To watch a short YouTube Video "Releasing Salmon in a river" see How to Release Fish webpage: Note: scroll to the bottom of the page to find. Update: Pic and caption from Tracey Hittel of Kitimat Lodge; family day today September 17th with my big boy, nice Lingcod and Halibut for the freezer, see Kitimat Lodge section. Update: There are "well-meaning" angler members of the  (SFAC) Sport Fishing Angling Committee wishing to make changes to regulations which we all may have to fish by in the future, see News Bulletin section, just below Skeena River.  Update: as of December 13th fishing video clips on YouTube have received 895,834 views, see Noel Gyger has 96 fishing video clips on YouTube section. Update: We would like to WELCOME Fish'n BC as a NEW sponsor. Update: We would like to WELCOME Best Lure co as a NEW sponsor. Update: Pic of water conditions for the Copper River, just posted. Update: Oscars Fly & Tackle Shop in Smithers, BC sent first fishing report of the year, see their section below. Update: FOR SALE or RENT Deep Creek Lodge in Terrace, BC see Market Place section. Update: Ben Reubeni of BER Float Fishing Reels sent a YouTube link re his fishing here last fall, this is an outstanding 3 minute video, see Fishing Video in our area section, just below the Skeena River section. Update: Connor Sabo Fishing Reports for Dungeness Crab, Halibut and Bottom Fish (two reports for April 15th) see his section below. Update: Tracey Hittel of Kitimat Lodge reviews his spring Steelhead far...I could only post a few of these beautiful pics, see Kitimat Lodge section below. Update: Alexandra Morton is still in the fight to save our wild Salmon, see Conservation section. Update: Water condition pic for Zymoetz (Copper) River April 28th. Update: FOR SALE Trout Creek property in Smithers, BC. "a Steelhead paradise" at your front door, see Market Place section. Update: just posted a water condition pic for the Skeena River. Update: Links to Ocean and Freshwater Regulations for 2017 effective April 1st, see Fishing Regulation section below. Update: just posted a water condition pic for the Zymoetz (Copper) River. Update: Skeena Wild Conservation Trust giving you an opportunity to win a complete trout set up from Orvis Fly Fishing and a dry pack from Simms Fishing Products is wickedly awesome!!! Enter and win, see Conservation section. Update: river condition report for the Clore and Copper River. Update: Connor Sabo Fishing Reports (two reports) one in Rupert ocean and one in Douglas Channel, see his section below. Update: Tracey Hittel of Kitimat Lodge sent pics of his catches down the Douglas Channel, see Kitimat Lodge section below. Update: Little bit of history; I did a TV Fishing Show in 1991 with Larry Schoenborn FISHING THE WEST, see the YouTube link in the Kalum River section. Update: NEW Top Photo posted June 1, 2017.  Update:  The Kitsumkalum Tempo Fishing Derby is happening July 8th and 9th! Come down and buy a ticket to this great contest, you don't have to fish to win!, see links to more info above. Update:  NEW section titled Guest Post and first article from Jeremy Watson titled Why Fishing is Good for Your Health, see Guest Post section. Update: Christene Sinjur sent a pic of her Chinook she landed on the Kitimat River June 4th, see Guest Photo and Captions section. Update: just posted FULL month of May 2017, to read ALL PAST Fishing Reports Cast on this link. Update: We would like to thank Christene Sinjur for giving us permission to post her pic of the Kitsumkalum Boat Launch showing river height today, June 10th, see Kalum River section. Update: Water condition pics for Skeena and Zymoetz (Copper) River just posted June 12th 3:30pm. Update: June 16-18, 2017 FREE Family Fishing Weekend Recreational Fishery, see News Bulletin section for more info. Update: Dennis Therrien, local angler,  in Terrace BC offers a summery of the Skeena River Tyee Test Fishery regarding history of the Chinook and Steelhead runs, see News Bulletin section. Update: Effective immediately recreational salmon fishing in the entire Skeena River Watershed will be closed to July 14, 2017, see News Bulletin section.   Update: Skeena River Tyee Test Fishery data is now being posted, see just below Skeena River section. Update: Noel Gyger gives his opinion concerning the Skeena River Salmon closure, see Skeena River section. Update: Rob Brown latest story titled "Angles", see Rob Brown - The Skeena Angler section. Update: to receive the June 29th, 2017 e-mail NEWSLETTER subscribe here. Update:  Oscars, in Smithers BC posted a fishing report June 22nd for their area rivers and lake see Oscars Fly and Tackle Shop section below. Update: Watershed WATCH Salmon Society news up to June 23, see Conservation section. More updates will come in as the day moves on. Update: Stop by Skeena Waters Fly Shop for complete spey fly fishing outfits and parts On Sale and Fishing Gear Rentals, see Skeena Waters Fly Shop section below. Cast on links to send me your fishing report or feedback. Or phone 250-635-2568, if I am not available leave your report on my answering machine. Thank you.







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Lake, Ocean & River Fishing:


Connor Sabo Fishing Reports for April 29, 2017 at 1:08pm

Well one more trip to Kincolith for the season as my friend has been asking for a couple weeks for me to take him out for his first Halibut Trip. It was a beautiful day and the water was nice but ripping very hard so I had to move around until I found a nice ledge at 200 feet and we dropped the anchor and now the waiting game began.

You could tell that the eulachon were starting to peter out but there was still some big schools of herring around. I figured it would be fairly slow fishing but right off the bat we began to hook the odd tomcod and flounder which gave me hope that eventually the Halibut would come around!

About one hour after anchoring a small school of chickens came by and I was able to pull one up and soon after my buddy was hooked up to one, they ended up being twins! We fished for a few hours longer but it completely turned off and we were hardly hooking Cod anymore. So off we went to pull the crab traps which was a big success like always in Kincolith plus they were very big crab!

It was an awesome spring halibut season in the Nass Valley. If you are ever in the area it is definitely a must see. The highway takes you on a very scenic drive showing you many rivers and lake and also through the historic lava beds! Also many road side trails and attractions.

Some of the gear I used today was my Jet boat built by “Fish-rite” and engine made by “Yamaha”. My choice of tackle was a White Halibut drop Jig, Rod and Reel was a “Rapala RSC series rod” and a “Okuma Classic Pro reel” Also I held my Salmon Belly strips that I used for bait in my “Bait2go” bait holding system which is great for space and convenience!


Want to book an ocean trip and catch fish and crab like this? Contact me anytime.



Connor Sabo Fishing Reports for April 30, 2017 at 1:10pm

I would like to introduce my friend Jordan Wesley. He is going to hop on board with me and promote the northwest and help me produce more fishing reports this year. He has lived in Terrace for 24 years and knows the area very well, Also has just recently picked up fishing with a Spey Rod and centerpin and from a few of the pictures below you can tell he’s doing a  great job with it! I'm looking forward to seeing his upcoming pictures! Stay tuned it’s gonna be a good year!! You can see more of Jordan by following his Instagram @ bcsalmon365

Want to book a guided Steelhead fishing trip and catch fish like this? Contact me anytime.


Connor Sabo Fishing Reports for May 26, 2017 at 10:27am  #1

Between steady road building , the spring hunting season and  numerous rivers around here are in their flood stage means I haven’t been getting out on the water much but I found some time this weekend to get out on the water!

We got on the water late and the fishing seemed to be a bit on the slow side for us. 2 hours went by trolling away and we ending up hooking a couple small feeder springs, which was still nice being the first salmon of the year for me!

I wanted to try out my plugs that I got from the Best Lure Company just to see how effective they would be for salmon and sure enough after a few passes under the bait balls I was able to hook into a smaller feeder spring. They are definitely worth their weight in gold as you don’t need to bring up your bait to check if it’s still good after a bump. I highly recommend visiting their website and purchasing a few lures to try out, you’ll be hooked! Cannot wait for the Skeena to drop so I can use them in the river!!

The water eventually ended up blowing us out so off to go try to find some calmer water to fish for halibut.  We were able to catch a couple red snapper and ling cod but no halibut for us, and that’s fine as my freezer is still full from the spring halibut season!

It’s always a good day on the water, catching fish is just a bonus!!


A "few" examples of beautiful colouring, many, many more to choose ~ ORDER ONLINE



Connor Sabo Fishing Reports for May 26, 2017 at 10:29am  #2

The next day my friend Mike was wanted to go out crabbing and bring his son Lucas out for his first ever trip. With Rupert blowing gale winds I decided just to stay close and we went to the Douglas Channel Which has always been known for its great crabbing!

We made it there very early as it was suppose to blow up in the early afternoon and with my little boat and a young kid I didn’t wanna get caught in that. So we dropped our traps and had some breakfast on the beach.

After a good breakfast and some exploring on the beach it was time to go pull the crab pots. First pull was very good as we got just about our limit for the day but we still needed a few more so back down the pots go!

Of course next pull we found our limit for the day and all of them were nice big crab! Lucas even pulled up a trap by himself! Pretty good for a little guy! All and all it was another good day but now back to the real world!

Soon enough the river will drop the springs will be stacked and I will be posting weekly reports again. Stay tuned!!



Stay tuned, more reports coming soon..



Skeena River:

Skeena River is divided into four sections:

Skeena 1 (non-classified) Exchamsiks River downstream to the ocean.

Skeena 2 (class 2 water) Exchamsiks River upstream to 1.5 km above Kalum River.

Skeena 3 (non-classified) 1.5 km above the Kalum River upstream to 1.5 km above Zymoetz River.

Skeena 4 (class 2 water) 1.5 km above Zymoetz River upstream to the head-waters.


Sun Jun 25/17  6:04am

Skeena River has been fishing well for spring Steelhead BUT water is too high and dirty to fish now BUT it is dropping fast. May have good conditions soon:-)


Noel Gyger opinion: The DFO “last minute” notice to close all Salmon fishing on the Skeena River from June 15 to July 14, 2017 should not have happened. We all want to conserve Salmon so I think a better option would have been a total catch and release fishery with all using the “keep-em- wet”. Catch and release worked for wild Steelhead so why not Salmon? Let me know if you agree or not?


Commentary - not current fishing report: I (Noel Gyger) have over 40 years experience fishing the Skeena River this time of year, 3rd week August. In my opinion it is absolutely "prime-time" to catch the most summer-run Steelhead and Coho. In my days of guiding we used to catch over 30 Steelhead and 15 Coho or so per day for our guests (as long as we had good water conditions). Why did we catch more Steelhead than Coho, when there are more Coho in the river, and the "theory is" the Steelhead are a Trout and are still feeding and the Coho are not, which means any bait or fly you put in front of a Steelhead they more likely to bite it. I've had many reports of good catches at China bar and a few other hot spots. One has to know where and "how to fish" these hot-spots, I highly recommend you book with a fishing guide. GOOD NEWS, check the Skeena River Tyee Test Fishery charts and you should be thrilled to see the Steelhead and Coho runs are well above the historical seasonal averages. So get out there my fishing friends and enjoy the great water and weather conditions. Send me a pic of your catch, I would love to post them in this fishing report.


Skeena River water condition as of June 12, 2017 (looking really high)



Skeena River Tyee Test Fishery for 2017:


Sockeye Charts



 - Current, Average and Previous Year

 - Cumulative Index 1956-2016 *New Trendline*

 - Average Daily Index 1956-2016




Chinook Charts



 - Current, Average and Previous Year

 - Cumulative Index 1956-2016 *New Trendline*

 - Average Daily Index 1956-2016




Steelhead Charts



 - Current, Average and Previous Year

 - Cumulative Index 1956-2016 *New Trendline*

 - Average Daily Index 1956-2016




Coho Charts



 - Current, Average and Previous Year

 - Cumulative Index 1956-2016 *New Trendline*

 - Average Daily Index 1956-2016




Pink Charts



 - Current, Average and Previous Year

 - Cumulative Index 1956-2016 *New Trendline*

 - Average Daily Index 1956-2016




Chum Charts



 - Current, Average and Previous Year

 - Cumulative Index 1956-2016 *New Trendline*

 - Average Daily Index 1956-2016




Cast here to view 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 Tyee Test Fishery numbers.



FISHING VIDEO from our area:


Sun Jun 25/17  6:03am

Hi Noel, This is the video Italo of Canadian Sportfishing shot of my reel when we were in BC last fall. Feel free to share this link: or Italo Labignan YouTube channel: there are more viewing options using Italo's channel :-) The title is "The River - The Passion -YouTube 4K"  Enjoy !!




Ben Reubeni

BER Float Reels


Please take a minute to view our new web site


Hi Ben, I am honoured to share this beautiful 3 min Steelhead and Coho fishing clip of your fabulous fishing reels. I see Tracey Hittel of Kitimat Lodge doing an excellent job with the net:-) Oh did I say the music is outstanding?  Well done my friend!


News Bulletin:

Sat Jun 3/17  6:00am

There are "well-meaning" angler members of (SFAC) Sport Fishing Angling Committee wishing to make changes to regulations which we all may have to fish by in the future. My strongest suggestion is that you read what they are up too:

Cast on this link: SFAC-2016-proposed-changes to learn more...


For PAST years of the Tyee Test Fishery numbers cast on this link.

For PAST years DFO Salmon and Steelhead predictions cast on this link.


How to Fish: The Ultimate Guide

Do you love being out on or near the water, but didn’t grow up learning how to fish? Then this guide is for you! We will go over the basics of where to start, what gear to buy, how to put all the gear together to be able to catch something, and a variety of other questions you might have along the way. When we are done, you will have the information to go out and start fishing on your own.


We would like to thank Jacky Miller for giving us permission to link to her blog: "How to Fish: The Ultimate Guide". It will be very, very useful to all our reads. To read all the good info cast on this link: Enjoy!!


Guest Post:


Sun Jun 25/17  6:03am

by Jeremy Watson



Why Fishing is Good for Your Health


Its summer and it’s a Saturday. Do you have any plans? If you don’t yet, I suggest you go fishing. Make sure to bring friends and family with you so you can enjoy their company.

You can choose to go out in the ocean in your boat to go fishing or perhaps drive your truck to the river to fly fishing. Either way, you’ll be having loads of fun.

Make sure to stock your cooler with some drinks and food for barbecuing, and you will be all set for fishing for eight hours.

There are many health benefits to fishing this special guide trips. Some of the health benefits are fishing will help you stay fit, it is fun, it will keep you stress-free, you can socialize with family and friends, and it will improve your dexterity and concentration.


Fishing will help you stay fit

When you go fishing, you will be utilizing your main muscle groups, your heart, and lungs. They will be getting a good work out. Fishing is good for your health because you will be exercising when you are trekking to and from the car. This exercise will provide you with lower aerobic activity.

Your forearms, wrists, and fingers are also going to be getting some exercise. Make sure to choose the perfect fishing reel when you go fishing, so you do not hurt your arms. If you go fishing, you will not need to go to the gym.


Fishing is fun

Fishing will keep you stress-free

You can socialize with family and friends

Fishing will improve your dexterity and concentration


To read more... cast on this PDF link:



Guest Photo and Captions:


Sun Jun 25/17  6:39am


Christene Sinjur with about a 15-pound Chinook landed on the Kitimat River June 4th. It was caught in the lower Dyke section.


Hi Noel, Just had an amazing trip exploring the Morice, Bulkley, Lower Skeena, and Nass Watersheds. Lots of intense bushwhacking but I was rewarded with a bunch of Coho and my fair share of big summer-run Steelies.


Here are a couple pics from a Nass Trib....hope you enjoy! Cheers, Hedin Nelson-Chorney



Skeena River stories:


Skeena River - Four Seasons of Angling Paradise - by Noel Gyger


Golden Opportunities From Skeena Country - by John Beath


Cast here to read more stories on more rivers


Skeena River videos:


Skeena River Sockeye Fly Fishing-1

Cast here to watch the video


Skeena River Sockeye Fly Fishing-2

Cast here to watch the video


Cast here to watch more videos of local rivers and oceans - Salmon and Steelhead


Skeena Water heights below:

Cast on link for current Skeena River water heights  



Skeena Waters Fly Shop

        Addicted to Fly Fishing

Skeena Waters Fly Shop is a modern dedicated fly-fishing shop in Terrace, British Columbia. The many sport-fishing anglers will find all what they need to make successful their fishing adventure on the various waters of the Skeena river region and beyond. Shop at our store with confidence and expert advise. We offer best in class products from level entry to the high end fishing brands that will satisfy all needs not matter if you are a novice or a professional anglers needs. We are proud to carry some of the most innovative and finest brands in the fly fishing market like Hardy, Guideline, Fishpond, Redington, Hodgman, Columbia Sport Wear, RIO, Airflo, Echo and many others.


4717 Lakelse  #118, Terrace BC.  Phone 250-635-0100




Fly Shop Specials:

Posted:  June 24 2017

New Arrivals:

Fishing Gear Rentals
At Skeena Waters Fly Shop, you can rent professional and well-maintained fishing equipment at reasonable rates.
For example we have 3 Guidline set up for only 45$ per day or 60$ for the week end.
Guideline Steelhead / Salmon
DH LPXe 13' 8/9
LPXe Switch 11' 7/8
ELEVATE 13'6 8/9

For more information call us 250-635-0100


Posted:  June 24 2017


Posted:  June 6 2017

You are looking for a special gift for your dad ? `Find the best Father's Day gifts here at Skeena Waters Fly Shop in Terrace BC.
Visit us at our store at 4717 Lakelse Avenue (previous M&M Meat Shop) and we will be happy to advise you about the many ideas for your gift.


Posted:  May 31 2017

New Tying Material
Senyo Predator Wrap, EP Anadromus Brush and ICE DUB


Posted:  May 10, 2017

Fishpond bags keep dry and secure your gear on your boat, rafter or pontoon.  At our local fly shop now.

Posted:  May 10, 2017

Chinook Season is here, gear up with our selection of rods, reels, lines, hooks and many more items.


Cast on this link to learn more AND watch the VIMEO Video.



Best Lure co



The BEST Handmade Wooden Lures. PERFECT for fresh and saltwater fish. Our lures are crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. We strive to make our lures as lifelike as possible. Made with the highest quality materials, all of our products are durable and effective.



February 2, 2017



Do you know a fish who won't bite these ?


Check their FaceBook page:



Sun Jun 25/17 5:56am






Terrace's finest hotel with personalized service and a friendly atmosphere. Stay at this Fully renovated 100% non-smoking Hotel, with 42 Inch LED TV's ,freshly carpeted, new bed linens, wireless and wired Internet.

The Best Western Terrace Inn offers both the comfort and convenience to make our guests feel right at home. The Hotel is centrally located to offer guests easy access to local attractions including the Nisga'a Lava Bed Park and the Mount Layton Hot Springs. Hotel guests can enjoy skiing at the Shames Mountain Resort in the winter and fishing on the famous Skeena River, during the summer.

Select guest rooms include views of the Coastal Mountain Range and suites with a Jacuzzi tub. Hotel amenities include new 42 Inch flat-screen LED televisions, Fitness Center , Meeting and Banquet facilities. Guests can enjoy a complimentary Hot Buffet Breakfast Every morning.

The Best Western Terrace Inn is only two kilometers from Heritage Park featuring an old world pioneer village. Hotel guests can take advantage of the nearby Llama Ranch or enjoy picking blueberries at Shames Mountain. Guests will find unique art shopping at the Falls Gallery only three kilometers away. For those seeking outdoor recreation, Lakelse Lake offers the best in boating, swimming and fishing.

Note: The Best Western Terrace Inn provides access to freezer for guest (fish/meat)

To view their detailed webpage cast on this link.


Pure Fishing:





Sun Sep 20/15 5:06am


Penn Fishing Reels are "well known" for their ocean reels but Pure Fishing would like you to know they also have some fantastic freshwater (river-lake-stream) reels. Check them out

on their website Penn Fishing Reels. Thank You!







Cast on this PDF link for more info: bait-2-go-feb-28_2017.PDF




Flyer Flyer 2017 PDF  


Phone: 705-561-1406





Standby to see updates here:



Kitimat Lodge



Sun Jun 25/17  5:55am


Tracey Hittel has been fishing the Douglas Channel and catches have been very good for all the bottom fish including Halibut plus some Chinook; which are heading to the Kitimat River. He send 8 pics so I posted a couple here.


The 2017 Spring Steelhead Challenge


Back again for the Steelhead challenge, it's been a really good week many bites, great catches; a really nice grab in this pic (below left)


Another week and Mr Kim from South Korea landed this pair of male Steelhead on his Spey rod. First Steelhead trip for Kim and 38 inch length on these beautiful creatures, very healthy and all catch and release (upper right)


Master rod builder and Spey Caster, Hiroshi landed and had many bites this spring and using his O-Rex, 7wt rod was put to the test fishing for wild ocean running Steelhead, minutes from the ocean (top left)

James and Gerry Fisher slamming some local Steelhead. No words can say the serenity of this fishery (top right) 


Pic and caption from Tracey Hittel of Kitimat Lodge; OOPS is about all we can say about this pic :-) Tried to get the perfect "Keep'em Wet" shot! Next time :-) This feisty Steelhead was landed this week (first week April 2017).



Pic and caption from Tracey Hittel of Kitimat Lodge; "family day today September 17th with my big boy, nice Lingcod and Halibut for the freezer".



Coastal coho fishing. Pic and caption from Tracey Hittel of Kitimat Lodge; “William from Indiana posing with one of many nice Coho”.




REVIEW 2015 Was a Stellar Year for Fishing


Hello Friends, we at Kitimat Lodge thought it was an incredible year here, but this Video shows you just how fabulous it really was!


Since 1999, Kitimat Lodge has been providing Guided Fishing along the rivers and tributaries near Terrace Bay and Kitimat, BC, Canada.


Check out more than a decade of Steelhead Fishing Photo Galleries on our website!


Tight Lines,

Tracey Hittel











2015 Seasons Greetings Kitimat Lodge


A Warm Fire And A Hot Steelhead!



















Check out these pictures of a happy 75 year old Gert! Travelling from Denmark was worth

the trip as he connected with this Skeena Steelhead.


Hot Steelhead Flyfishing on the Skeena River, deep in the foothills of the mountains along

the North Coast of British Columbia.


Tight Lines,


Tracey John Hittel

Kitimat Lodge and Steelhead Heaven

Kitimat, BC Canada


250-632-6677 Lodge


250-632-5666 Fx.

250 632-9880 hm.

250 639-4277 cell.


Kitimat Lodge fishing report

October Steelhead Fishing 2015


October Produces Some Of The Best Catches!


Check out the great photos we just added to the site!


Steelhead Dreaming - Fly Fishing The Skeena


First - we would like to share this fantastic image!  Click on the link for the larger large size!
Skeena River Chinook. Kevin Thingvold Family with Kitimat Lodge Pro Angling Guide

Gord McKean.


Skeena Chinook fishing season closes August 6th, triggering the start of the elusive Skeena River Summer Run Steelhead.


Second - some great photos of a great fly fishing adventure!
Late July Chum Salmon Fishing Report, BC Canada


Chum Salmon on the fly are in large numbers and a fight like no other, peel line, skin knuckles and nice smiles for these two gentlemen from Austria.


Third  - if you haven't seen these Heli-Fishing Trip Photos...


The Black family booked a chopper, Skeena and saltwater tour while at the Kitimat Lodge

this week. The wives pictured with a pair of Skeena Chinook and young Jamieson with a Dungeness Crab.


Be sure to check out the outstanding action photo of Jamie Black from Copper Line Excavating releasing a monster Chinook!


Guided Fishing Trips in British Columbia, Canada


B.C. Guided Fishing Trips, River Fly Fishing and Ocean Charter Fishing.  


Kitimat Lodge is quietly nestled among the cliffs of the Kitimat River Valley - strategically located near the Kitimat River and quick access to the Douglas Channel.


All suites are fully equipped with wireless Internet and flat screen televisions, including full kitchenette with fridge, stove and coffee maker. 


Guided Fishing Trips in Kitimat, BC, Canada


Call or Contact Us today to Check Availability - Phone: 250 632-6677


The Seasons:



Spring Steelhead begins this late March for 6 weeks. If the run of Steelhead was like last year our guests are going to hit pay dirt.




Starting in May, thru to August, Chinook Salmon we target either by Jetboats or spacious driftboats, on the rivers, or 30ft Aluminum, twin Volvo Diesel, ocean vessel. All our boat are fully equipped with top of the line gear.




Late July to late September all 5 species of Salmon are in full charge from the ocean to the rivers. We intercept these Salmon either in the Saltwater or small coastal micro streams, using like tackle or fly.




May to November is best for Halibut and Dungeness Crab. For 2014 the size limit for Halibut has increased, retaining a 70lb fish, up from the 60lb fish in 2013




The lower 100 miles of the Skeena and its tributaries are a Steelheaders dream, miles of fly water to chase the elusive steelhead. With our access to Classified waters in Skeena country, this allows us flexibility and tranquility for our customers.


BOOK SOON for 2017 - don't be disappointed:


Tracey John Hittel
Kitimat BC Canada
250 632-9880 hm.
250 639-4277 cell.

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Kalum River:

Sun Jun 25/17  5:53am

Water is high and but fishable. Sometimes, the best fishing is in high water, just fish the slow moving water on the corners. Chinook are coming in now. Good chance to catch both Steelhead and Chinook on the same day. WOW it does not get any better than that! BUT we need good water conditions. Check out this story I wrote, many years ago now but still relevant: May 2nd on the Kalum – by Noel Gyger  Guiding started April 1st. This is classified water and the guiding is limited. If you need a guide to show you how and where just contact me anytime. Note: NEW reg this year: Bait ban Jan 1 - June 15.


River height at the Kitsumkalum Boat Launch as of June 10th. The actual river is very, very high but some would say still borderline fishable. Well, some would. And thank you Christene Sinjur for giving us permission to post her pic.


We called this boat our "Super Boat" it was a 19 foot fibreglass drift boat with wooden frame completely covered in plastic. We had a propane heater, kept us toasty warm and we kept Steelheading all winter no matter what the weather. Sorry this pic does not show much of it. I thought I had better pics, I searched my files today but could not find them. The angler above is Terry Munday; I think the temperature outside was -12C. I took this pic from the Podcast:

The Podcast was all about the members of the Kalum Drifting Club and all the fun we had :-)

To watch ALL the Podcasts cast on this link:

Note: in those days we didn't take many pics using the current "Keep `em Wet, but we did care and tried to keep the Steelhead out of the water for no more than a couple of seconds if at all.  Long live our wild Steelhead...

In May of 1991 I did a TV fishing show on the Kalum River with Larry Schoenborn FISHING THE WEST fame! Wow, that was 26 years ago and my beard is not full gray and look at those neoprene waders:-) Our plan was to catch both Chinook and Steelhead on the same day and I must say "we did it" !


Here is the You Tube video link:


Enjoy !!


Kalum River stories:


Sweetheart Steelheading on the Kalum River - by Noel Gyger


North Country Spring Time Steelhead - by Dave Vedder


Big River Mixed Bag - West Coast Bounty - by Italo Labignan


May 2nd on the Kalum – by Noel Gyger


North Country Spring Time Steelhead (Short) – by Dave Vedder


20- Pound Steelhead – Making the Dream Come True – by Dave Vedder


For more stories cast here:


Kalum River videos:


This is how it looks when you are trying to drink your coffee and you are blasting up the lower Kalum River at 48 MPH.


TITLE of this video: Rocket Boat Steelheading - play time 5:48 minutes.


TO WATCH VIDEO cast here:


VIDEO INFO:  I had the pleasure of fishing with Calvin Higano, Ron Wakita and Glen Kilcup on the Kalum River on Tuesday morning, April 20, 2010 for about four hours. Glen invited us on this trip with his Jet boat crack of dawn. We hooked 4 Steelhead and landed 2 plus a bunch of Trout. We landed one Steelhead using a silver BC Steel spoon with 3 OTT Gamagatsu Siwash hook rigged up on a 7' Trophy XL rod and an Abu Cardinal 704 Spinning reel spooled up with 30lb Tuff line Duracast This rod and reel Combo handled this Kalum River Steelhead very nicely and was caught and released using Gibbs Catch and Release Net The Gibbs C & R Net has a very soft mesh which allows anglers to net Steelhead and release them unharmed back into the river. Calvin landed the other Steelhead using a Sage 2106 rod and a Shimano Calcutta 250TE reel Calvin was the "Hot Rod" on this trip! Calvin landed one and had another 2 Steelhead on which released themselves (AKA long-line-release) after a bit of a tussle. Calvin is a very gifted angler who has brought some very effective Steelheading techniques to the North West. One of his techniques Calvin calls "Dredging" and another would be the method which he cures his bait. Calvin uses Pautzkse's Pink Fire Cure on both his Chinook roe and on his Prawn bait. As most Steelheaders already know the quality of the bait is critical to Angler success. A huge THANK YOU to Glen for an awesome morning fishing trip on the Kalum!

Here is some info on Glens custom Rocket Jet Boat: This boat has a top speed 48 MPH with 450 HP pushing water through a Hamilton Jet with a 10 inch impeller. When this thing takes-off, hold your hat and hang on! The Teflon bolted to the bottom of the boat allowed us to skim over the shallowest of water.

If you wish to learn more about fishing in my area
SUBSCRIBE to my WEEKLY THURSDAY NEWSLETTER via e-mail. SIGN UP on my webpage:   
Just fill in the "Subscribers form" and hit submit.

Follow my Fishing Updates on Twitter:

I also book guided fishing trips for whom I think are the very best fishing guides in British Columbia. I know all of them very well. They do a fabulous job and pride themselves on service and professionalism.



More videos below:


Kalum River Coho

Cast here to watch the video


Cast on link below to watch more videos:


Kalum River Podcasts:


Dustin Kovacvich & Noel Gyger "test fish" for Kalum River Chinook


Please note: it may take awhile for the podcasts to load.


Cast on the link below to watch more podcasts:


Zymoetz (Copper) River:

Thu Jun 15/17 6:21am

River was high and dirty BUT dropping and cleaning nowRegulation: No Fishing upstream of the sign at the transmission line crossing (downstream of Zymoetz Canyon) Jan 1 - June 15. Steelhead fishing below this closure is still permitted. Just need to find some open water and give it a shot. Need a guide  for 2016 in either the Class one or Class two sections contact me anytime...


Pic near highway 16 bridge taken June 12th, very high not clean but cleaning up now.


Copper River stories:


Copper River Steelhead - by Jim & Carolyn Z. Shelton


For more stories cast here:


Copper River videos:


Watch more videos here:


Sample Zymoetz (Copper) River heights below:

Cast on link for current Zymoetz (Copper) River water heights:


Kitimat River & Douglas Channel:


Sun Jun 25/17  5:52am 

Kitimat River Chinook are coming now! Fishing is Trout is good also. Douglas Channel; if the winds are light get out in the bay for Winter Chinook and drop your Crab traps.



Kitimat River stories:


12 Seasons of Kitimat River - by Noel Gyger


For more stories cast here:


Kitimat River videos:                                                  


Sample Kitimat River waters heights below:

Cast on links for current Kitimat River water heights: 


Recommended Fly Fishing Gear:


Courtesy Chad Black Nicholas Dean Outdoors


In the low water conditions of early April, we generally used light sink tips to cover the shallow riffles and tailouts where Steelhead were holding.  Type 3 and Type 6 tips were generally all that was needed for most conditions.  With the higher flows of late Spring, and

in particular on the tributary rivers, we've also been using Rio's MOW tips in a variety of weights and lengths to get the fly down to the fish.  The Heavy MOW tips, made of T-14 material, have been particularly useful, in lengths of 5, 7.5, 10 and 12.5 ft.


As with March, best colours have been pink, black, blue and orange.  When fishing the Skeena and its tribs, larger flies from 2.5" to 4" in length have been most productive.  Smaller flies in a variety of weights in the 1" to 2.5" range have worked the best on coastal rivers. 

When targeting Steelhead, we've been using rods in the 12.5' to 13.5' ft range, for a 7 or 8 weight line on the larger rivers. Our personal favourites for this fishing include the 7126 Sage TCX and the 8139 Loomis Dredger.  When targeting Chinook specifically, we've been using heavier 9 and 10 weight rods in the 13' to 15' range.  Single hand rods and switch rods have gotten the nod on the coastal rivers.  In particular, I had a chance to fish a 8116 Sage One

rod and can confirm that it's a very good rod that's ideally suited to the coast!


Rods, Reels, Lines: For Steelhead - Spey rods in the 12' to 14' range, with a Skagit head to match.  A 7126 TCX paired with a 500 grain Skagit Flight and Loomis  8139 Dredger with a 525 grain Skagit are excellent choices.  A good quality disc or cork drag reel (e.g. Islander and Ross) with a minimum of 150 yards of 30 lb backing.  For Spring Chinook Salmon, same

as above, except with heavier gear - 9 weight minimum, 10 weight better.

Sink Tips and Tippet: A 15' Type III and 15' Type VI for most shallow water applications,

and a variety of MOW tips - medium (T-11) and heavy (T-14) for deeper and/or heavier water.  Always 15 lb Maxima Ultragreen for Steelhead.  Increase tippet to 20 lb Maxima Ultragreen

if targeting Spring Chinook.

Flies: Idylwilde String Leech, Bunny Tube, Marabou Tube and Popsickle, in shrimp pink, cerise, black, blue and orange.  

If you need info to book a pro fishing guide please contact me anytime.

Prince Rupert Ocean Fishing:

Salmon and Halibut fishing out of the port of Prince Rupert has been simply outstanding. One charter guide reports landing over 20 Chinook but of course his clients kept only their legal limit, plus they kept their limit on Dungeness Crab. If you would like to book an ocean trip just contact me anytime and I will do my best to get it all set up for you.


Fish from this Grady White for ALL the bottom fish plus ALL the Salmon, Dungeness Crab and Alaskan King Crab...with a captain who has over 40 years experience. If you are interested to book a charter please contact me anytime for ALL the details.



Terrace BC Canada:


Skeena Salmon Lodge Guiding



Flyfishing in Canada

Welcome to the Skeena Salmon Lodge Guiding! Our unique Lodge sits right on the banks of the salmon-rich Skeena River, surrounded by snow-covered peaks and pristine nature. In the north-western part of British Columbia, where you find Canada at its most beautiful, where lakes and rivers dazzle with their purity, and wilderness can be truly experienced, you will find some of the world’s best salmon river; among them, the Skeena River, possibly Canada’s best know salmon river. Join us and experience outstanding fishing while enjoying comfort of the highest standard in the primal wilderness of Canada. Thank you and tight lines, Willi Schmidt


Please visit our website for more info:


Skeena Salmon Lodge Chinook Report


Looking back, the Skeena Salmon Lodge Guide Team has prepared a write up on this seasons Chinook fishing. Beginning in early June, large, bright King salmon were being caught on a variety of rivers using various techniques. These early fish are generally some of the most aggressive and hardest fighting fish in the river! On smaller rivers like the Kitimat, Kiteen or Kincolith, anglers can target and catch Chinook on a variety of gear techniques as well as swinging flies with both single and double handed rods. Some of the smaller rivers like the Kincolith and Kitimat can have good numbers of Chinook in them starting in the first week of June! This year the Kitimat Kings showed up and immediately the fishing was on fire! Many fishing days had multiple hook ups and our guides were able to

get clients into fish using both fly rods and gear rods. 


This year the mainstem Skeena cleaned up just after the 2nd week of June. Once again, as soon as we put boats in the water we were hooking into Kings! Many people will remember this year as some of the best early season Chinook fishing in a long while. The most fish hooked in one day was 13, but these early fish are strong and will give you the fight of your life before you can even think about landing them. While the majority of fish are caught

using one of several gear fishing methods, a mainstem Skeena Chinook will still attack flies and once hooked, you will have to use every possible trick to successfully play and land one of these monsters.


Moving into July, the temperatures began to soar and the fishing began to slow down.

While most days still gave clients the chance to fight multiple fish, a heat wave caused both the fish and fisherman to become lazy. Moving into the middle of July, the heat wave began

to break and the fishing began to pick up! Around this time, the largest of the Skeena Kings begin to enter the river and it is not unheard of to hook fish thirty, fourty or fifty pounds and sometimes even bigger! Sometimes, with these fish, they can fight so hard and well that you have to chase them in the boat! Racing after an angry and strong Skeena Chinook with both reel and engine roaring desperately trying to catch the fish before your reel is empty, not many things can compare to fighting these fish. For booking or more information please contact Willi Schmidt at and with the end of chinook season marks the beginnings of the steelhead and coho runs...






All Northwest BC river height info:


Water is important for a number of natural resource industries and water data is not always either shared or accessible. This portal is like a clearing house for water data from a variety

of sources.


One feature of the portal that may interest you is the real time and historic stream flow information for some of the rivers we fish and report on.


Cast on this link to enter the portal:



News Bulletin:

Sun Jun 25/17  5:54am


Fishery Notice



Subject: FN0547-RECREATIONAL - Salmon - Skeena River - Region 6 - Salmon Close Time Effective Immediately


Effective immediately recreational salmon fishing in the entire Skeena River

Watershed will be closed to July 14, 2017. 
Variation Order #2017-299
This closure is being implemented to facilitate First Nations harvesting of 
Skeena salmon due to predicted low returns of Skeena River sockeye salmon in 
2017.  Recreational, commercial, and First Nations food, social and ceremonial 
(FSC) harvesting of sockeye salmon will be closed for the 2017 season, unless 
there is an in-season indication of increased Skeena sockeye abundance.
Recreational harvesting opportunities for Skeena coho, pink and Chinook salmon 
will re-open on July 15.  Please refer to the on-line BC Sport Fishing Guide 
and future Fishery Notices for details on confirmed opening dates, times and 
other restrictions.
Notes: Did you witness suspicious fishing activity or a violation?  If so, please call 
the Fisheries and Ocean Canada 24-hour toll free Observe, Record, Report line 
at (800) 465-4336 or the British Columbia's toll-free RAPP line (Report All 
Poachers and Polluters) at 1-877-952-RAPP (7277).
For the 24 hour recorded opening and closure line, call toll free at 
1-(866)431-FISH (3474).
Fishing information, contact:
John Webb
Recreational Fisheries Manager
Fisheries & Oceans Canada
417 - 2nd Ave West, Prince Rupert, BC, V8J 1G8
250 627-3409
Media inquiries, contact:
Lara Sloan
Communications Officer
Fisheries & Oceans Canada
(250) 363-3749

Fisheries & Oceans Operations Center - FN0547
Sent June 15, 2017 at 1524


Cast on this link to view on DFO website:


Sun Jun 25/17   5:53am

Dennis Therrien, local angler,  in Terrace BC offers a summery of the Skeena River Tyee Test Fishery regarding history of the Chinook and Steelhead runs:


The Chinook daily numbers on June 12 for 2010 – 2016 was: 3.18, 4.23, 1.34, 1.21, 1.19, 2.21 & 0.61. According to the Tyee Test Fishery Chinook has been trending down for years, which can be seen on this chart.


On a brighter note, Steelhead are doing well and have been trending up since 1956.


Fri Jun 23/17   5:52am


 Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Fishery Notice # FN0533   
June 16-18, 2017 Family Fishing Weekend Recreational Fishery Licensing Information
Take your kids fishing...ya!  My Grandpa took me and look how I turned out :-)


British Columbia's Family Fishing Weekend is a celebration of the great tradition of sport fishing. On June 16, 17 and 18, 2017, the public can go fishing at no cost in many of BC’s lakes and rivers. The Government of Canada is also providing an opportunity to fish at no cost (these dates only) in all tidal waters; for these dates a Tidal Water Sports Fishing licence is NOT required to fish in BC tidal waters except for species and area restrictions as specified. This is applicable to both adults and juveniles (children aged 15 and under), as well as to Canadian residents and non-residents.


Cast on this link to read more detail:


Recent Top Photos:


June 1 to June 15, 2017. Fishing in the rivers has been slow due to the dirty water. Tracey Hittel of Kitimat Lodge has been fishing lots in the Douglas Channel and doing very well for all the Bottom fish including Halibut, Shrimp and Prawns. PLUS catching some nice Chinook, here is one of his guests with a beauty. If you are interested in hiring a fishing guide for river or ocean and want to learn how, where and when to catch these fish, please contact me anytime and I will help make the arrangements for a trip of a lifetime! 


May 15 to June 1, 2017. Mandi Buck at it again (2nd time in a row)…showing us how to do the “keep`em-wet” catch and release technique.  Well done Mandi. If you are interested in hiring a fishing guide for river or ocean and want to learn how, where and when to catch these fish, please contact me anytime and I will help make the arrangements for a trip of a lifetime!


May 1 to May 15, 2017. Mandi Buck at it again…showing us how to do the “keep`em-wet” catch and release technique.  Well done Mandi. If you are interested in hiring a fishing guide for river or ocean and want to learn how, where and when to catch these fish, please contact me anytime and I will help make the arrangements for a trip of a lifetime! 


April 18 to May 1, 2017. Tracey Hittel of Kitimat Lodge helps his guest get a very quick pic of his Steelhead landed last week.  If you are interested in hiring a fishing guide for river or ocean and want to learn how, where and when to catch these fish, please contact me anytime and I will help make the arrangements for a trip of a lifetime! 


April 1 to April 18, 2017. "Teach em young", that is what we love to do:-) And thank you again to Mandi Buck for showing this young person the proper Keep'em Wet technique. Well done Mandi. If you are interested in hiring a fishing guide for river or ocean and want to learn how, where and when to catch these fish, please contact me anytime and I will help make the arrangements for a trip of a lifetime! 



List of Noel Gyger FaceBook pages:


 1. Noel Gyger Home Family and Friends Page

 2. Skeena River Guided Spey Fly Fishing

 3. BC Steelhead Fishing Guides

 4. BC Heli Fishing

 5. British Columbia Salmon Charter and Fishing Guides

 6. Chinook King Salmon Guide Services

 7. Noel Gyger Guided Fishing Adventures

 8. Terrace BC Fishing Guides 


Sun Jun 25/17 6:09am

FISHING REPORTS - June22, 2017



The Bulkley Valley is rich with small lakes that make for great fishing. You just have to grab your rod and go exploring!

Helen Lake is located near the summit of Hungry Hill by Houston. It is stocked yearly with approximately 2000 cutthroat trout or rainbow trout and makes for the perfect little fishing lake. It has a small rec site with 4 campsites and also has a small boat-launch. To access the campsite drive from Smithers out towards Houston. Once you have passed Hungry Hill Summit you will turn left onto Summit Lake Road. Drive about 4 km and then turn down Hidden Lake FSR. The rec site will be on your left shortly after. Try casting out small spinners or Kamlooper spoons, or dragging a leech pattern fly.

Check out for a depth map of Helen Lake



The weather cooperated over the past weekend and many anglers got out on the water with hopes of putting a few chinook in the box. Unfortunately the fishing on the coast has been hit and miss with many anglers reporting only a few fish being caught. There have been a few reports of anglers limiting out but the majority have seen only a couple salmon boated despite their best effort. We are hoping to see some more fish moving south over the next couple of weeks and the weather should be getting consistently better which should mean better fishing. Over the past week we have seen fish taken on a variety of different things including cut plugs, spoons and flasher/hoochie combo. When fishing for chinook I generally run a spoon, an anchovy and a cut plug or whole herring in a helmet. I find that this covers most of the options that the chinook are feeding on. if I get a couple of hits on a specific lure/bait then I will switch out one of the other rods and run two of the same thing. I never run everything the same as things are constantly changing and and you never want to limit yourself that much. The idea is to give yourself the best opportunity for a strike. Over this past weekend, the AP Tackleworks anchovy or herring spoons were producing well.  The Luhr Jensen Coyote spoons in the 4.0 and 5.0 sizes produced some nice fish. The Cop Car and Live Image colors are a good choice. 

When running a spoon or bait, I always go with a dummy flasher run 18 inches off the downrigger ball. This gives you the all important flash but once you hook a fish, you are only fighting the fish and not the flasher.

Ground fishing was good this past weekend as we saw the wind calm down on Friday afternoon. This made it possible to get out to the prime fishing grounds and we saw a few nice halibut brought in. Oscars has some really effective halibut and cod/rockfish jigs so speak with the folks down there before heading out to the ocean and they can sort you out with the right gear to land those big fish. 

When targeting halibut, look for those underwater plateaus at around 180-250 feet deep. 

The crabbing on the coast remains good but we are going to be seeing alot more traffic over the next couple of weeks which will make those crag harder to get. Look for bays and inlets that are free of other traps and also have a sandy bottom. 

The prawning is still good and should steadily get better through the summer. 

Head down to Oscars and talk to the crew if your planning on heading to the coast. They have all the gear to get you on the water and make your trip successful. 

Until next week, tight lines.......









Saltwater Report brought to you by Lee Mac.

Saltwater Report brought to you by Lee Mac.



Closed until July 14 before being reassessed.  Thanks DFO.



Closed until July 14 before being reassessed.  Thanks DFO.



Closed until July 14 before being reassessed.  Thanks DFO.



The river is just coming into shape after some rains, and with the forecast calling for good weather, now is the time to fish!  Chinook are in the system and quite a few are being caught, both on gear and on flies.

Never fished this river? No problem, book a guide! Try Tracey John Hittel of Kitimat Lodge at, 250-632-6677. Or Ron Wakita from Reliable Guide and Charters at

Also, check out Ron Wakita’s live fishing report on his website and even sign up to receive his fishing report emails and you are entered to win a free drift boat trip!



Closed until July 14 before being reassessed.  Thanks DFO.


View Website:





Home Hardware and Sporting Goods

"Kitimat's Largest Tackle Shop"

380 City Centre

Kitimat BC

Tel: 250-632-3522   Fax: 250-632-3528   Cell: 250-632-1275



They also operate a Fishing Guide and Charter Boat: Reliable Guide and Charters

Contact Noel Gyger to book a guided fishing trip both river and ocean

Weather Reports telephone numbers: Terrace: 250-635-4192 Kitimat: 250-632-7864 Prince Rupert: 250-627-1155 Smithers: 250-847-1958.

Tide Charts: – for  BC Coast:




Sun Jun 25/17  5:50am


Contests are fun.

An opportunity to win a complete trout set up from Orvis Fly Fishing and a dry pack from Simms Fishing Products is wickedly awesome!!! Enter and win.



Sun Jun 25/17  5:49am


Alexandra Morton reports:

Hello, A quick blog to let you know on this day when thousands of scientists are becoming activists around the world, that I am still here, still fighting for wild salmon.


Opposition to my work escalates as we move closer to the truth and I have learned to work quietly.


However, here is a brief update and thanks to all of you, alex


Sun Jun 25/17  5:48am

                   Cast on this link to read a summary of NEWS items up to June 23, 2017



Fri Dec 23/16  6:29am

Salmon Strongholds: Skeena River

The Skeena is a globally important wild salmon stronghold and Canada’s second largest wild salmon river. Home to some of the largest Chinook and steelhead ever recorded, the river’s combined tribal, recreational, and commercial fishing economy is worth $110 million a year. The river and its salmon form the cultural and social bedrock of the place, where fishing is a near-universal way of life and First Nations have been celebrating and eating salmon for 5,000 years. More… Cast here to watch 2:43 minute YouTube video.


Thu Oct 20/16  6:29am

Northwest Coast Energy News - from Robin Rowland


Study confirms Salmon major part of First Nations culture during last Ice Age.

11,800 years ago


The Ice age First Nations in the interior of Alaska relied more heavily on salmon and freshwater fish in their diets than previously thought, according to a new study from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

First Nations of the Pacific Coast have always recognized the value of the salmon. Archaeologists have used new techniques to date the remains of salmon found in hearths back more than 11,000 years. The results now offer a more complex picture of Alaska’s ice age residents, who were previously thought to have a diet dominated by terrestrial mammals such as mammoths, bison and elk.


Cast on this link to read the full story.


Rob Brown - The Skeena Angler:


We are honoured to have Rob contributing to the Fishing Report. Rob also contributes a weekly column to our local Terrace Standard Newspaper:


Rob Brown blog:

Rob Brown Welcome:


Cast on PDF link to read article:



Sun Jun 25/17   5:47am



Wed Jun 21/17   5:47am



Jun 14/17   5:47am

Loose lips


Wed Jun 7/17   5:47am



Wed May 31/17   5:47am

Pasture Run 2


Wed May 24/17   5:47am

Pasture Run


Wed May 17/17   6:07am

Syd's brain


Wed May 10/17  6:07am

Vulnerable steelhead


Thu May 4/17  6:07am

A fracking disaster


Thu Apr 27/17  6:07am

Fishing with ghosts


Wed Apr 19/17  6:28am

Salmon woes


Wed Apr 12/17 6:28am

Climate change


Wed Apr 5/17 6:28am





(SSBC) The Steelhead Society of BC:



Here is the last News Letter that was sent out to paid up SSBC members via E-mail and is a brief synopsis of what SSBC has been up to since the last newsletter in January:


NEW FaceBook page link here:



Sat Dec 31/16  6:20am

Noel Gyger has 96 fishing video clips on YouTube:

Total Uploaded Views as of December 13, 2016 were: 895,834


BIG PARTY when we hit one million views !!


PLUS Noel has another 50 or so posted on his webpage:


Kind of like: Fishing videos until you drop!




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be to your entire satisfaction before posting, guaranteed.



Highway webcam: to view road conditions.  This one is near Terrace BC and is located at the junction of Highway 16 and Highway 37, looking east on Highway 16.  The image will update every 15 to 30 minutes



Fishing Regulations:

2017 BC Tidal and non tidal waters

Effective April 1, 2017


2017 BC Freshwater (Provincial) Fishing Regulations Synopsis:

Effective April 1, 2017


Market Place:


For Sale


Smithers, BC

Trout Creek property


Sun Jun 25/17  5:46am



Premier non-guided fishing/all season recreation homestead/lodge, footsteps from the world famous Steelhead Bulkley River.


Phenomenal 118 acre private recreational paradise, with the famous Toboggan Creek and Trout Creek Canyon, waterfall and Bulkley River access. This custom designed home, features a new chef’s kitchen - 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths with vaulted ceiling living area, spectacular mountain views in all directions. Balcony, decks and new hot tub. A large vegetable garden serves up delicious produce on this total organic paradise. 7 km of forest and meadow trails allow for all season recreation. Artesian spring fed water, wildlife and just 15 minutes from Smithers downtown. New custom built double garage and guest/caretaker apartment.

ONLY $849,000 


Contact:  Thomas and Lorna Butz - email:  - 250-847-5882, Box 783 Smithers, BC  V0J 2N0  cell # 778-210-0036



For Sale or Rent


Terrace, BC

Deep  Creek  Lodge


Sun Jun 25/17  5:44am




Lies on 10acres property, 500 meter from the Kitsumkalum River surrounded by pristine forests and the extraordinary Coastal Mountains of Northern British Columbia. It is conveniently located just 15 minutes outside the City of Terrace BC in a quite and exclusive location fully immersed in the nature.


Located strategically in the heart of the best Steelhead and Salmon fishery of the world, the lodge has been in the last 17 years one of the favorite vacation spot for anglers coming from all over the world to experience their lifetime fishing trip.


The lodge is modern frame built lodge can comfortably accommodate 8 - 10 people and it is perfectly structured to host angler, skiers and any tourist visiting the area.


This scenic property can be used in its current state as fully operational year-round for fishing, skiing, nature wondering or anything else you can imagine!


If you’d like to arrange a viewing of the lodge or to get more details please contact:


Noel Gyger via e-mail:



For Sale 



Telkwa, BC

Bulkley Riverfront Home




Updated Bulkley Riverfront home in Telkwa features 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a huge sundeck. Basement has been redone with concrete in-floor heat, large master bedroom, and a very modern bathroom. The bathroom has heated concrete floors, an open-room shower, and a beautiful pedestal bathtub. Main floor has original hardwood flooring, freestanding wood stove, and a large sunroom. Great river and Hudson Bay Mountain view, large treed lot and riverside firepit.

Great Steelhead fishing 40ft from the backdoor or long run 250 yards down, good spot to

keep a jet or drift boat. Best time for Steelhead Aug 15 and it is fishable until Dec 31. Also there is Coho, Chinook, Pinks and Trout. Could be yours for $339,000

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For Sale


West Coast of Vancouver Islands, BC

Rogers Fishing Lodge


   Sun Jun 25/17 5:43am






Rodgers Fishing Lodge is located on the west coast of Vancouver Island about 90 miles due west of Campbell River in Esperanza Inlet. Rodgers is one of the busiest fishing lodges on the B.C. coast, entertaining over 1200 guests a year. They also enjoy one of the longest seasons on the coast running from May 1 to September 30.


This will be their 33rd year in the Sport Fishing business and 25th year in Esperenza Inlet. Rodgers has shown a remarkable rate of growth over the past 4 years. Their gross revenue has more than doubled since 2010. The Lodge has a location second to none as it is ideally situated to take advantage of some of the most outstanding fishing opportunities on the BC coast for Salmon, Halibut, Bottom Fish and Tuna.


Black Bear and Bald Eagles are regularly seen by the lodge. They have the largest colonies of Sea Otters on the coast and the Gray, Orca and Humpback Whales pass by on their way to and from the Bering Sea.


The owners love the business, but feel now is the time to turn the reins over to someone younger who shares the same passion for the outdoors and who is looking for a wonderful rewarding lifestyle.


Asking price $999,000


Please contact Noel Gyger if you are interested.



For Sale


ECO Tour Tenure license for sale:


It ranges from the Bulkley bridge just above the Suskwa down stream to Hazleton.  Then down stream through Terrace to the salt water. Takes in the Bulkley down stream to

Hazleton, Skeena, Zymoetz, Kalum, Lakelse, Kasiks, Exstew, Khyex. The Seven sisters hiking trails, Pretty much everything downstream of Hazleton. Great rafting, jet boat rivers, Bird and wildlife viewing, scenery. Contact Noel Gyger if you are interested.


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