Published on Oct 18, 2009

Ron Wakita, his son Brandon and I were fishing on the Kalum River for late season Coho on Saturday, October 17, 2009. We were fishing with spining rods and marabou jigs. We were field testing a "new" braided line called Tuf-Line DuraCast. This line eliminates wind knots and tip wraps and makes no rod guide noise. It is revolutionary performance on spinning and casting reels. The most innovative superline ever constructed, Tuf-Line DuraCast is the "best" casting braid we have ever used. It's full bodied, ultra-round tri-axial construction provides explosive distance, pinpoint accuracy and effortless handling. Backed by unrelenting strength and highest abrasion resistance, DuraCast will revolutionize your experience!


There you go, contact me directly, if you need some instruction how to tie and and if you need the BEST fishing guide to take you out and show you how, I can help with that too.


Just so you know, Noel was telling me he had to show Rob Wakita, legend on the Kitimat River, the exact way to present the jig, so it works on the Kalum. If you don't believe me contact Ron directly.


Ah, I love fishing and matter not how, spin for fly...and then jig. Hope you enjoy this report.


Yours sincerely, Mandi Campbell

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