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Top Photo: April 20, 2014. Dennis Therrien with a beautiful Zymoetz (Copper) River Steelhead landed September 3, 2012. If you are interested to be guided on this river, or any other river, contact me anytime. We also have ocean charters out of Kitimat, Prince Rupert and Haida Gwaii. Cast on photo to view in larger size


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River, Ocean and Lake Reports

(Smithers, Terrace, Kitimat, Prince Rupert and Haida Gwaii - Queen Charlotte Islands)


Last update was Sunday, April 20, 2014 at 1:49pm

Sunrise 6:20am Sunset 8:47am



- 2014 Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte Islands for river and ocean

- 2014 Skeena River summer-run Steelhead and Salmon

- 2014 Kitimat River for Coho (Silver) Salmon

- 2014 Multi Rivers for spring Steelhead

- 2014 Multi Rivers for spring Chinook

- 2014 Kwinamass River for Steelhead (April &May) only

- 2014 Zymoetz (Copper) River class 1 and 2 sections

- 2014 Nass and Coastal Rivers

- 2014 Douglas Channel ocean fishing for Salmon and Bottom fish

- 2014 Prince Rupert ocean fishing for Salmon and Bottom fish

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Commentary:  Wind: E 1km/h Rain showers (+11 degrees C) Steelhead and Trout are the target fish now...BUT I must say WELCOME to the finest winter Steelheading in the world! Note: Avid Sportfishing ...sign up to receive their E-newsletters and email notifications on last minute deals, see Haida Gwaii - Queen Charlotte Islands section. Note: FOR SALE 10.55 acres Skeena River frontage, see Market Place section. Note: FOR SALE stunning walk-on waterfront acreage with custom log home, see Market Place section. Note: We are pleased to WELCOME Catchercraft Boats on board, see more info below Skeena River. Note: NEW section added called Recommended Fly Fishing Gear. Note: FOR SALE ECO Tour Tenure license, see Market Place section.  Note: We welcome Hawkair onboard as a sponsor. Note: FOR SALE West Coast floating Fishing Lodge entertaining over 1000 guests per year, see Market Place section or contact Noel Gyger for more info.


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Update: Hawkair has special fares available to fishermen, PLUS sign-up for their e-mail NEWSLETTER, see their Ad below. Update: 2013 Skeena Tyee Test Fishery data and 2013 Salmon forecast moved to: Update: Gibbs-Delta has several 10’ Trade Show Display Booths for sale, see Market Place section. Update: Rogers Fishing Lodge FOR SALE see Market Place section; owners of this lodge say they already have over 1000 guests booked for the 2014 season. In total in 2013 they did 1160 guests, so things are already pacing ahead of last year. Certainly a real positive for any potential Buyer to have a turn-key business. Update: We added another webpage called Releasing Fish, check it out. Update: Hawkair's popular 50 connector discount is now applicable to ALL airline connectors in YVR including winter sun vacation packages, see their Ad below. Update: Halibut fishing opens February 1st. Cast on this link to read the NEW Halibut regulations. Update: Avid Sportfishing sent a pic of their NEW Boat; that's right they are now operating 2 - 30 foot Kingfisher guide boats, see Haida Gwaii - Queen Charlotte Islands section. Update: NEW Product Profile Islander Reels, see Product Profile section. Update: video from 2010 - Another HUGE Steelhead, see Vintage Video Clips section. Update: fishing from March 11 to 18, 2007, see History section. Update: FOR SALE 1000 sq ft Cabin, Skeena River water front, 12 k East of Terrace BC, see Market Place section. Update: Alexandra Morton re: Going Global - finally!, see Conservation section. Update: Own your own Steelhead Lodge Fishing Cabin in Hazelton, BC, see Market Place section. Update: Total YouTube uploaded views as of March 24th were 804,987 views, see Noel Gyger has 96 fishing video clips on YouTube: section. Update: see updated pic of 1000 sq ft cabin For Sale, see Market Place section. Update: for Skeena River and Kalum River. Update: Full Month of March 2014 posted, to view cast on link. Update: Tracey Hittel of Kitimat Lodge sent a "pic report" of his guiding season, which just started, see Kitimat Lodge section below. Update: Ariel Kuppers reports: Boaters Beware! Tree crossing the Kitimat River above Big Wedeene, for a pic see Kitimat River section. Update: from Fisheries and Oceans Canada Cast on this link to read the Preliminary 2014 Salmon Outlook. Update: Tracey Hittel of Kitimat Lodge sent fishing report and pics for April, see Kitimat Lodge section. Update: for Lakelse River. Update:  More information has come forth from DFO regarding the 2014 Salmon run, to read all the details cast on the link in the 2014 Salmon Fishing Outlook section. Update: Friends of Wild Salmon reports on the NO vote in Kitimat BC, see Conservation section. Update: stats for as of today, April 17th, see above. Update: taking bookings now of ocean charters, see Prince Rupert Ocean Fishing section. Update: Rob Brown latest story titled "Pest poison", see Rob Brown - The Skeena Angler section. Update: pic for Zymoetz (Copper) River. Update: NEW Top Photo posted today Apr 20th. More updates will come in as the day moves on. Cast on links to send me your fishing report or feedback. Or phone 250-635-2568, if I am not available leave your report on my answering machine. 



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Skeena River

Sun Apr 20/14 6:30am

Water starting to shape up.  Copper is cleaning so putting in less dirt. Skeena. Fishing for Steelhead and Trout has been very got to know where and how to fish for em. You may want to consider hiring a guide for this, if so contact me anytime. Caution: there is some ice along edges so please be careful walking on it. Most all of the summer run Steelhead have gone through the Terrace area and are way up in their trib rivers by now. Trout fishing is the only option now.


Skeena Water heights below:

Cast on link for current Skeena River water heights


2014 Salmon Fishing Outlook:

from Fisheries and Oceans Canada Cast on this link to read the Preliminary 2014 Salmon Outlook.


Sun Apr 20/14 6:24am

More information has come forth from DFO regarding the 2014 Salmon run, to read all the details cast on this link:


2013 Salmon Fishing Outlook:

Can be seen here:


Skeena River Tyee Test Fishery for:

2011, 2012 and 2013 can be seen here:



Catchercraft Boats





NOW taking orders for pontoon boat or raft deliveries to the Skeena area later this year!


Go to to see a full line-up of specialized pontoon boats and rafts for fishing the wild rivers of northern British Columbia



Kitimat Lodge



Sun Apr 20/14 6:24am

Kitimat Lodge Fishing Report - April 2014


Early Spring Steelhead Fishing


With the spring rain just starting up in the Kitimat area, the steelhead are trickling in and thank goodness as the Kitimat system is blown out as of today.


Attached are pics of the Italian stallions with a spring catch of steelhead on the Skeena system.

With the river so low the past week I had to fish some of my favourite haunts and took out the boot on my Woolridge. I used duct tape to get us back the 2 miles up river as the boot was badly beaten.

Our best day this week was with Art from the USA, hooking into 7 steelhead in one day landing the pair attached. Art said 2 of the steelhead he lost he thought were definitely over 20-pounds.

Also present is the awesome Crab fishing that is available out of Kitimat. Dungeness as well King Crab are on the menu.


Fri Apr 11/14 6:22am

We would like to thank Tracey Hittel for sending the above pics. Tracey's guiding season just started and as you can see the Steelheading is "FANTASTIC"...and fresh Dungeness Crab to eat at the lodge. Spring fishing just does not get any better than this. If you are interested to book a guided river trip or ocean charter contact me or Kitimat Lodge anytime.


SEE BELOW for complete Kitimat Lodge 2014 guiding season:


The 2014 season is closing in on us fast and the bookings are at an all-time high



Spring Steelhead begins this late March for 6 weeks. If the run of Steelhead was like last year our guests are going to hit pay dirt.




Starting in May, thru to August, Chinook Salmon we target either by Jetboats or spacious driftboats, on the rivers, or 30ft Aluminum, twin Volvo Diesel, ocean vessel. All our boat are fully equipped with top of the line gear.




Late July to late September all 5 species of Salmon are in full charge from the ocean to the rivers. We intercept these Salmon either in the Saltwater or small coastal micro streams, using like tackle or fly.




May to November is best for Halibut and Dungeness Crab. For 2014 the size limit for Halibut has increased, retaining a 70lb fish, up from the 60lb fish in 2013




The lower 100 miles of the Skeena and its tributaries are a Steelheders dream, miles of fly water to chase the elusive steelhead. With our access to Classified waters in Skeena country, this allows us flexibility and tranquility for our customers.


BOOK SOON - don't be disappointed:


Tracey John Hittel
Kitimat BC Canada
250 632-9880 hm.
250 639-4277 cell.

Kalum River:

Sun Apr 20/14 6:23am

Water is good shape in both the lower and upper ends. Steelhead fishing is fantastic. Guiding started April 1st. With clear sky; Theory: when this happens the fish are spooky and this seems to be the case now. Fishing is always better under cloudy skies. Gibbs #45 Lure works pretty good to catch Steelhead even under these conditions. Water is dropping so be careful if you take your jet boat. Might be time for the raft or drift-boat.


Pic taken April 8th:


Check out this article I wrote; a few years ago but still relevant today:

Drifting in Paradise - The upper Kalum River - by Noel Gyger


Lakelse River:

Sun Apr 20/14 6:23am

Water is higher than normal and tea coloured. Steelhead fishing is slow.  Check regs for the fly fishing only rule in some section. Steelhead are started to spawn in some sections, if you see them you should let them be and move on to other areas. Reg: Fly fishing only between Lakelse Lake and CNR bridge Mar 1 -May 31. Tip: Fly-fishing egg pattern flies work the best, also, the brighter the egg fly the better. Tip: Float fishing corkies (painted cork balls in various sizes) and a little bit of white wool works well. The bright red or orange ones are favored.


Zymoetz (Copper) River:

Sun Apr 20/14 8:29am

Pic taken afternoon April 17th                             Pic taken afternoon April 19th


As the pics show the water is cleaning up and hopefully fishing will start soon. Note: Zone Fishing closure. Reg: No Fishing above the sign at the transmission line crossing (below Zymoetz Canyon), Jan 1 - June 15. With this closure it leaves only a small section of the lower river to fish for Steelhead. The water is high and borderline fishable. When wet fly fishing give the Steelhead a chance to react when the fly comes drifting by. Dry fly works pretty good too. And for conventional here is a Tip: Float fishing the Pink Worm works very well in this river. Need a guide  for 2014 in either the Class one or Class two section contact me anytime.


Sample Zymoetz (Copper) River heights below:

Cast on link for current Zymoetz (Copper) River water heights:


Kitimat River:

Tue Apr 15/14 6:23am

River is great shape and I have reports of some excellent Steelhead fishing.  Trout fishing has been very good also.


Fri Apr 11/14 6:20am

Ariel Kuppers reports: Once again Boaters Beware! Tree crossing the Kitimat River above Big Wedeene.


Wed Apr 9/14 6:21am

Justin Lowes, one of the senior guides for Reliable Guide and Charters says there are some Steelhead showing up. Stay tuned...


Thu Nov 14/13 5:01am

Trout fishing is very good right now. Reg: Coho closed on Oct 31st.


Sample Kitimat River waters heights below:

Cast on link for current Kitimat River water heights:


Douglas Channel:

Sun Feb 2/14  6:39am

Halibut fishing opens February 1st. Cast on this link to read the NEW regulations.


Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Cast on link for 2013-15 Tidal and Freshwater Guide online and more…


Was a GREAT DAY ocean fishing for my guests from Grande prairie and Medicine Hat and Calgary. Rivers going out can always count on some ocean for backup. Keep fishing I always say...See you soon...


Tracey John Hittel
Kitimat BC Canada
250 632-9880 hm.
250 639-4277 cell.

Recommended Fly Fishing Gear:


Courtesy Chad Black Nicholas Dean Outdoors


In the low water conditions of early April, we generally used light sink tips to cover the shallow riffles and tailouts where Steelhead were holding.  Type 3 and Type 6 tips were generally all that was needed for most conditions.  With the higher flows of late Spring, and in particular on the tributary rivers, we've also been using Rio's MOW tips in a variety of weights and lengths to get the fly down to the fish.  The Heavy MOW tips, made of T-14 material, have been particularly useful, in lengths of 5, 7.5, 10 and 12.5 ft.


As with March, best colours have been pink, black, blue and orange.  When fishing the Skeena and its tribs, larger flies from 2.5" to 4" in length have been most productive.  Smaller flies in a variety of weights in the 1" to 2.5" range have worked the best on coastal rivers. 

When targeting Steelhead, we've been using rods in the 12.5' to 13.5' ft range, for a 7 or 8 weight line on the larger rivers. Our personal favourites for this fishing include the 7126 Sage TCX and the 8139 Loomis Dredger.  When targeting Chinook specifically, we've been using heavier 9 and 10 weight rods in the 13' to 15' range.  Single hand rods and switch rods have gotten the nod on the coastal rivers.  In particular, I had a chance to fish a 8116 Sage One rod and can confirm that it's a very good rod that's ideally suited to the coast!


Rods, Reels, Lines: For Steelhead - Spey rods in the 12' to 14' range, with a Skagit head to match.  A 7126 TCX paired with a 500 grain Skagit Flight and Loomis  8139 Dredger with a 525 grain Skagit are excellent choices.  A good quality disc or cork drag reel (e.g. Islander and Ross) with a minimum of 150 yards of 30 lb backing.  For Spring Chinook Salmon, same as above, except with heavier gear - 9 weight minimum, 10 weight better.

Sink Tips and Tippet: A 15' Type III and 15' Type VI for most shallow water applications, and a variety of MOW tips - medium (T-11) and heavy (T-14) for deeper and/or heavier water.  Always 15 lb Maxima Ultragreen for Steelhead.  Increase tippet to 20 lb Maxima Ultragreen if targeting Spring Chinook.

Flies: Idylwilde String Leech, Bunny Tube, Marabou Tube and Popsickle, in shrimp pink, cerise, black, blue and orange.  

If you need info to book a pro fishing guide please contact me anytime.

Prince Rupert Ocean Fishing:


Sun Apr 20/14 6:21am 

Fish from this Grady White for ALL the bottom fish plus ALL the Salmon, Dungeness Crab and Alaskan King Crab...with a captain who has over 40 years experience. If you are interested to book a charter please contact me anytime for ALL the details.


Sat Mar 29/14 6:19am

Stan Doll of Skeena Wilderness Fishing Charters and a couple of friends went to Prince Rupert BC to fish for King Crab and Bottom fish on the weekend of  March 22-24, 2014. They had a very successful trip as the pics show. Stan and his family have been in the fish guiding and lodging business for over 40 years. Stan guides on all the local classified waters and ocean out of Prince Rupert. If you would like to book a trip with Stan contact me anytime.


Sun Feb 2/14 7:01am

Halibut fishing opens February 1st. Cast on this link to read the NEW regulations.

Haida Gwaii - Queen Charlotte Islands:


                             Avid Sportfishing



       Our 30 foot Kingfisher guide boat, the safest and most comfortable in the Charlottes


                Finest ocean and river fishing, lodging and dining in remote Haida Gwaii


       We strive to provide our guests with the BEST fishing lodge experience possible


Contact us anytime for more information:


Avid Sportfishing     1-877-770-AVID (2843)


Sun Apr 20/14 6:21am


Here's our latest addition to the fleet for 2014. That's right we are now operating 2 - 30 foot Kingfisher guide boats. This one is tricked out with all the same options and quality gear as our first boat. Luxury fishing on the West Coast of Haida Gwaii just got even better!


Sat Feb 1/14 6:52am

Some of the best Chinook fishing is in the early season...BOOK NOW...don't miss out!

Tue Jan 14/14 6:28am

Here's a video for all you "Butt heads" out there. Halibut fishing was awesome in 2013! Had a lot of fun releasing some big ones and sending guests home with some nice eating ones too. And yes, fresh Halibut is on the menu in 2014.


Cast here or cast on the pic to watch the video


Thu Jan 2/14 6:27am

Set out to catch the elusive New Years Eve steelhead today and succeeded!

Happy new years everyone and tight lines in 2014!


Tue Dec 31/13 6:40am

Reserve Your Dates for 2014

The 2014 fishing season is coming fast! We are already over 50% booked and prime dates are going quickly. If you’re thinking about taking the family on a great fishing adventure or looking for a hard core fishing trip with the boys next summer, Avid Sportfishing’s all inclusive trips have all bases covered. Round trip airfare from Vancouver, exclusive beachfront lodging and amazing meals combined with BC’s best Chinook salmon fishing and experienced guides make for a “Top Notch” fishing trip that is second to none. Some exciting news for groups that require 2 boats (6 to 8 guests) is the addition of another 30 foot Kingfisher guide boat. This allows us to offer a truly unique experience with 2 of the nicest, most comfortable, most seaworthy and just plain “fishy” boats in all of Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte Islands. Predictions for 2014 Chinook (King) salmon runs look very good with more 4 and 5 year old fish returning meaning bigger average size than in 2013.

Please contact us to discuss dates and join Avid Sportfishing for another season of great fishing, and good times on the West Coast of Haida Gwaii in 2014!

1-877-770-AVID(2843) or fill out our Booking Inquiry Form




Custom made flies by Cory Koenig of Webflyz BC

PLACE YOUR ORDER off the website or phone 250-877-2021

This fly is the "orange n blue intruder"


Guest Reports and Photos:

Thu Oct 31/13 5:01am

Hi Noel, this is Sherry Lynn and I had the pleasure to introduce her to coho river fishing. We were fishing early October. You can see from her smile that she loves it. Cheers, Joe Vidal



2007 March



The photo of the week shows the “elusive” 20-pound “wild” Steelhead.  This fish was landed on the Kalum River on March 12th by Rob Vodola.  This BIG fish gave Rob quite a tussle and after ten minutes he managed to land it…and I was fortunate to get a video clip of most of the action.  To view the clip cast to:  It is 2007 Steelhead Video Clip #0026 and is titled: (20 pounds PLUS). Check out the other “new” 2007 Steelhead clips while you are on the website. 


Noel Gyger - WEEKLY FISHING REPORT dated March 11 – March 18, 2007


Dear Fishing Friends:


My fishing reports will now cover “two” distinct areas in our beautiful province of British Columbia.  These are:


·        - Skeena and Tributaries

·        - Northern Coastal Rivers


The weather has been fair all week. The upper Kalum, lower Copper and Skeena are still in excellent shape.  It has been a couple of months since I have been out fishing.  My good friend Rob Vodola and I went fishing on Monday, March 12th on the Kalum River and we had, to say the least “blow out” Steelhead fishing.  We must have hooked over 15 “wild” Steelhead, all on artificial baits.  We never saw another boat and only one bank fisherman.  I hooked three fish myself, on the first cast.  Normally, this time of year, the water is too low for jet boats to get around but there was just enough water for my boat, I know I bumped the bottom once. The guides start guiding this river on March 15th. In addition to the Kalum River, fishing on the Kitimat River and Douglas Channel has started.  See below for more details on the Kalum River.


If I can be of service to find you the “best” guided fishing adventure let me know. Cast here to check out more of what I have to offer:


Be sure to check out my website at for more info on my history, Quality Waters Strategy, special guided fishing trips, video clips, scenic river photos, wildlife photos and others, comments from past guests, informational articles and archived fishing reports from 1996 through 2002.  I hope it meets with your entire satisfaction.


CURRENT REPORT and summary for Skeena and Tributaries:  


Access to rivers is getting better as the snow melt has begun.       


Type of fish caught:  Steelhead, Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat Trout and Dolly Varden and Bull Trout.     


Thank you for using barbless hooks.


Fishing this week:  POOR ____FAIR_ __GOOD__*__EXCELLENT ____


LARGEST FISH OF THE WEEK:      Specie: (estimate) 20-pound Steelhead     Where: Kalum River    Angler: Rob Vodola    


Weather...Cloudy with sunny periods with high of + 4 degrees Celsius: Normal temperatures for this time of year: High + 7 degrees Celsius.  Low - 1 degree Celsius.  Sunrise 8:00 AM Sunset 7:29 PM 


Weather reports via telephone…Environment Canada taped messages constantly updated, giving current conditions and three day forecasts.  Terrace 250-635-4192 Kitimat 250-632-7864 Prince Rupert 250-627-1155 Smithers 250-847-1958.


For current Terrace weather information please cast on:


Water conditions...good on all rivers, low and clean


Snow conditions… almost gone.


For current water heights on the Skeena River please cast on: Note: this site usually works best in-season.


Skeena now fishable for early run Steelhead.  The water is in good shape.


Kalum River…has an “excellent” run of Steelhead. These fish are wintering over and will spawn in late spring.  The water is low and clean, almost too clean.  The fish are very spooky. This is a Classified River year round and can be guided from March 15 through October 15 only.  The Steelhead record is 32-pounds.  To see a photo of this fish cast to: 


…On Monday, March 12th Rob Vodola and I hooked around 15 Steelhead, landing 7.  We went out again, with our friend Kevin on Friday, March 16th with high expectations but hooked only four, landing one.  Rob hooked all of them.  Kevin and I were skunked. Our excuse:  The weather was bad (rain and snow) and the water was very, very clean as it had dropped a few inches since Monday. Lucky for us, there was no wind. The water was so low and clear we think the fish were spooked.  I did get a nice photo and video clip of Rob’s fish but ran out of time to edit and post it on the website in time for this weeks report.  It will be on next week.  The fishing was slow but we still had a lot of fun!  In my opinion, the water is too low now to navigate safely with a jet boat.


The Kalum River has “all” four runs of “wild” Steelhead: spring, summer, fall and winter.  Other than the spring run, these fish stay in the river all winter and spawn in the late spring around late April, May and June.  There is no hatchery Steelhead in the Kalum River.   


Kasiks River…fishing for Coho will start again next fall. This is the river where a 27-pound record Coho was landed.


Zymoetz (Copper) River…is closed now for angling (as of December 31, 2006 above the lower canyon) to protect the “wintering over” wild Steelhead.  Winter fishing is still available on the lower end below the canyon.


Note:  additional rivers will be added “in season” when the fishing begins in the spring.


Ocean fishing Prince Rupert...good fishing for winter springs (Chinook) is now happening in Prince Rupert.  A summary of what is available year round can be read in the Archived Fishing Report dated April 13, 1997. For a direct link cast here:  Prince Rupert, being a coastal city, is always warmer than Terrace.   


Area River Records…Chinook Salmon: Skeena River, 92.5-pounds; Kalum River, 85-pounds; Kitimat River, 74-pounds; Steelhead:  Skeena River, 45-pounds; Coho Salmon: Skeena River, 27-pounds.


CURRENT REPORT and summary for Northern Coastal Rivers:


Kitimat River…Although the grip of winter seems to be still holding on, there have been a few days when a few hard core anglers have been able to venture out and catch some trout.  Ariel and Pat (local anglers) drifted in pontoon boats and were able to catch five cutthroat trout.  They drifted from the "Wash Out" to the "Pump House" (approx. eight miles) and never saw another angler but they spotted six moose.  Last weekend Donny Webber while fishing for trout was fortunate to catch a Steelhead.  "It was a 12lb. Wild Steelhead so I released it" says Donny.  The Kitimat River has a retention fishery of one Hatchery Steelhead per day.  The main Steelhead run usually starts in late March peaking sometime in April and carrying over into May.  Report by Ron Wakita

Note:  additional rivers will be added “in season” when the fishing begins in the spring.

Ocean fishing Kitimat Douglas Channel…More schools of herring have been migrating into the Kitimat Harbour with only the Seals, Sea Gulls and undoubtedly feeder Chinook taking advantage of the migration.  Rivtow Marine staff  (who work right on the water) have reported signs of herring for a few days now but "No Boats"

The only report of fishing the Salt water is a local Kitimaat Village resident, Crosby Smith who was rewarded with a 28lb. Chinook.  "It was a fat, tasty bugger" says Crosby who dined on his catch the same day that he caught it".  They certainly don't get much fresher than that not to mention the nutritional value of the Omega 3 protein contained in these feeder Chinook. It has been a long winter and it appears to be fish in the Kitimat area we can only hope for better weather to be able to catch some. Report by Ron Wakita

Area River Records…Chinook Salmon: Skeena River, 92.5-pounds; Kalum River, 85-pounds; Kitimat River, 74-pounds; Steelhead:  Skeena River, 45-pounds; Coho Salmon: Skeena River, 27-pounds.


Catch & Release formula...Chinook:  girth squared x length x 1.54 divided by

1000.  Steelhead:  Steelhead: girth squared x length x 1.33 divided by 1000 (inches)




Yours sincerely,


Noel Gyger


For ALL PAST reports cast here:


Vintage Video Clips:


Kalum River Steelhead - 2010


Uploaded on April 2, 2010 - Another HUGE Steelhead


I went Steelhead fishing with Ron Wakita and his son Brandon on the Kalum River on April 1, 2010. We spent only four hours fishing and hooked three Steelhead and managed to land two, plus a bunch of Trout. The biggest Steelhead was estimated to weigh over 20-pounds and it "is" the STAR of this video clip. The fish is a dark buck, heavy in spawning colour. We wanted to measure him but decided not to as we wanted to release this big guy as quickly as possible. I think we did OK as he swam away as soon as he was put back into the water. Brandon says this was the largest Steelhead he has every landed. The fish can be caught with spin, conventional or fly rods.

For this fish Brandon was using: Spinning Rod: 8' Trophy XL. Spinning Reel: Abu Garcia Cardinal Stamina Drag. Line: Braided Tuf-Line Duracast. Lure: Gibbs Koho 55. Hook: 3/0 Gamakatsu Siwash (open eye) barb pinched down. Landing Net: Gibbs Catch and Release (soft mesh)

Rod: Trophy XL
Reel: Abu Garcia
Line: Tuf-Line
Lure: Gibbs Koho 55
Hook: Gamakatsu
Net: Gibbs


Cast on this link to watch:


It runs for 3:22 minutes


To watch more video clips cast on this link:

Follow my Fishing Updates on Twitter:  

I book guided fishing trips for whom I think are the very best fishing guides in British Columbia. I know all of them very well. They do a fabulous job and pride themselves on service and professionalism.


Hope to hear from you soon. Take care. Best regards,  Noel Gyger


List of Noel Gyger FaceBook pages:


 1. Noel Gyger Home Family and Friends Page

 2. Skeena River Guided Spey Fly Fishing

 3. BC Steelhead Fishing Guides

 4. BC Heli Fishing

 5. British Columbia Salmon Charter and Fishing Guides

 6. Chinook King Salmon Guide Services

 7. Noel Gyger Guided Fishing Adventures

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Guest Reports and Photos - 2013 Season Review:


Guest reports and photos are posted here:


Past Top Photos:


April 8 to April 20, 2014. Last season: Hi Noel, here is a great pic from July 2013 that we hope you can use in an upcoming report. This was my wife's second fish from her first time out with a Spey rod. Lisa measured the fish at 39.5". Lisa Lumley and I are looking forward to more adventures on the Kitimat River this summer. We also have a video of the final moments of the battle. Regarding equipment she was using Sage VXP 8 weight 13'6" Spey, Redington 9/10 rise reel, Rio skagit I-flight 575 g head. Take care. Jason Doucette. We have ocean charters out of Kitimat, Prince Rupert and Haida Gwaii. If you are interested to be guided on ocean or river contact me anytime. Cast on photo to view in larger size


March 29 to April 8, 2014. Last season: Thomas Beushausen landed this beautiful Chum Salmon on the Skeena River last season while fishing for summer-run Steelhead. See a pic of one of his Steelhead in the Past Top Photos section below. He was a guest of Andrew Rushton Kalum River Lodge. In Thomas's own words, "Hi Noel, I have been with Andrew 6 times. 5 seasons spey fishing landing 73 steelhead and hooking quite a few more. The chum in the pic was landed using a  Rio Skagit 650, 12 ft T14, Maxima 20 lbs, hook Gamakatsu No 1, rod Orvis Shooting Star 9wt with Lamson reel. The fly doesn’t have a name as it is my own design. And you bet, I’ll be back at the end of August." We have ocean charters out of Kitimat, Prince Rupert and Haida Gwaii. If you are interested to be guided on ocean or river contact me anytime. Cast on photo to view in larger size


March 16 to March 29, 2014. Current: Dennis Therrien with another beautiful Kalum River Steelhead landed March 13th. If you are interested to be guided on the Kalum contact me anytime; guiding starts on April 1st. Lot's of other rivers start guiding :-) We also have ocean charters out of Kitimat, Prince Rupert and Haida Gwaii. Cast on photo to view in larger size


March 9 to March 16, 2014. Dennis Therrien with a beautiful Kalum River Steelhead landed this winter. Not a big one but a beauty just the same. Any Steelhead, no matter what the size, we always say is "beautiful". We are so lucky to have these fish. To watch a short video clip of Steelheading on the Kalum cast on this YouTube link: Steelhead Spey-rod Heaven. If you are interested to be guided on the Kalum contact me anytime; guiding starts on April 1st. We also have ocean charters out of Kitimat, Prince Rupert and Haida Gwaii. Cast on photo to view in larger size


February 23 to March 9, 2014. Season Review! Thomas Beushausen landed this bright Steelhead on the Skeena River last season while a guest of Andrew Rushton Kalum River Lodge. In Thomas's own words, "Hi Noel, I have been with Andrew 6 times. 5 seasons spey fishing landing 73 steelhead and hooking quite a few more. The steely in the pic was landed using a  Rio Skagit 650, 12 ft T14, Maxima 20 lbs, hook Gamakatsu No 1. The fly doesn’t have a name as it is my own design. And you bet, I’ll be back at the end of August." We have ocean charters out of Kitimat, Prince Rupert and Haida Gwaii. If you are interested to be guided on ocean or river contact me anytime. Cast on photo to view in larger size


February 8 to February 23, 2014. Looking forward to next season! Noel Gyger with a beautiful fresh Chinook (King) Salmon landed in the Douglas Channel as few years ago. Photo by Ron Wakita. We had a very good day Chinook fishing and while at it we set traps for Dungeness Crab. The Crab fishing was outstanding so we decided to make a teaching video; it is titled HOW TO catch Dungeness Crab. It is posted on YouTube and already received over 92,000 views. To watch the video cast on this link. We have ocean charters out of Kitimat, Prince Rupert or Haida Gwaii. If you are interested to be guided on the ocean or river contact me anytime. Cast on photo to view in larger size


January 25 to February 8, 2014. Looking forward to next season! Noel Gyger with a beautiful fresh Coho (Silver) Salmon landed on the Kitimat River a few years ago. We were fishing with Fenwick rods, Ambassadeur reels, Berkley line, Luhr Jenson hot shots and Gamakatsu hooks. Fishing from Mike Herzberg's beautiful Clackacraft drift boat. We made a video: Click here to watch video. Mike really knows his stuff. If you are interested to be guided on this river or any of our other rivers next spring or anytime for that matter, please contact me anytime.We have ocean fishing for Salmon, Bottom Fish and Dungeness Crab right now. Pass the garlic butter please! Cast on photo to view in larger size


January 12 to January 25, 2014. Looking forward to next season! Here is my nephew Justin Gyger with a huge Kalum River Chinook (King) Salmon landed in May a few years ago now. This river "changed my life" when on May 23rd 1983 we landed a record 83-pound Chinook. Steelhead and Chinook caught on the same day is common this time of year. If you are interested to be guided on this river or any of our other rivers next spring or anytime for that matter, please contact me anytime.We have ocean fishing for Salmon, Bottom Fish and Dungeness Crab right now. Cast on photo to view in larger size


Order Now:   "THE SALMON RECIPES  Stories of our Endangered North Coast Cuisine"  Order the book online it is 19.99 (24.49 with tax and shipping included). Thank you.

Luanne Roth, Marine Director Prince Rupert Environmental Society 250 627 4201

Steve Hidber - Oscars Source for Sports, Smithers BC


No matter if you call the Bulkley Valley home or are here visiting, make sure to come see us. We are your source for fishing and sports activities. We are also here to help you with local information and activities in the area.


 Alex, Jim, Steve

Oscar's Adventure Travel




Oscar's Source For Adventure

1222 Main Street

Box 550

Smithers BC

V0J 2N0




We are looking forward seeing you in the Tackle Store!


Sun Mar 2/14 7:54am

Oscar’s Source for Adventure


It is never too late to learn something new! Kerry offers fly tying classes Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Start time in 7PM. Cost is $50. – for the season (now until first part of April). This includes materials needed. Bring your own vise, scissors, bobbins…Any questions please call us at 250-847-3377.



Home Hardware and Sporting Goods

"Kitimat's Largest Tackle Shop"

380 City Centre

Kitimat BC

Tel: 250-632-3522   Fax: 250-632-3528   Cell: 250-632-1275



They also operate a Fishing Guide and Charter Boat: Reliable Guide and Charters

Contact Noel Gyger to book a guided fishing trip both river and ocean


Product Profile:

Islander Reels

   Manufacture of World-Class and Specialty Fishing Reels


Islander Reels has been manufacturing precision Center Pin, Fly and Mooching reels for over 15 years as a division of The J.S. Foster Corporation of Saanichton, near Victoria, B.C., Canada.


"In order to land the big fish you need a reel that you can depend on, a reel that will hold its own in the face of a challenge. For over 15 years Islander Reels have been put to the test in some of the most extreme sports fishing conditions in the world. In our constant quest for perfection, Islander Reels have evolved into the best reels on the market. From detailed design and ingenious machining to the final finishing touch, Islander Reels have been built to last, built to excel and built to provide you with the fishing experience of a lifetime."


Islander Reels is the Number One choice of Professional Guides in the North West.


Islander Dealers in the Northwest:  City Centre Hardware and Sporting Goods in Kitimat, Oscars Source for Sports in Smithers and Fish Tales Tackle Shop in Terrace


Contact info: Islander Precision Reels 6771 Kirkpatrick Crescent Saanichton B.C.  V8M1Z8  Canada Phone 250-544-4856 Fax: 250-544-1450


Weather Reports telephone numbers: Terrace: 250-635-4192 Kitimat: 250-632-7864 Prince Rupert: 250-627-1155 Smithers: 250-847-1958.

Tide Charts – for  BC Coast:




Sun Apr 20/14 6:20am

Friends of Wild Salmon

…will change the world

Because in Kitimat they just did.

On Saturday, Kitimat residents came out in droves to vote in a special plebiscite on the Enbridge pipeline and tankers plan. In a community that stood to get the most jobs -- an industry town at its heart -- residents voted a resounding NO to the risky Enbridge project.

They did so despite a process many felt was unfair. The Haisla in Kitamaat Village were excluded. Non-Canadian citizens were allowed to vote. And to top it off, with no campaign spending limits in place, Enbridge pummeled the community with ads, signs and paid employees going door to door.

In the face of this, who stood up to big oil? Douglas Channel Watch did. They're a group of residents, many of them retired, who care deeply about the coast and the future of their community. They met in Margaret's garage, painted signs by hand and knocked on their neighbours' doors night after night.

In the end, they came out on top, with the "No" side winning by a margin of 58% to 42%.

We want to thank the people of Kitimat and our friends at Douglas Channel Watch. Want to join us? You can leave a message on their FaceBook Page. Even better, take a moment to write a letter to editor of the Kitimat Northern Sentinel.

With all of Enbridge's fancy ads blanketing the airwaves day after day, it's easy to start to think this pipeline is inevitable. It isn't. Ordinary people just like you and I and the folks at Douglas Channel Watch can stop it.

And we're going to.

Tue Apr 15/14 6:23am

Deadline Monday - Wild salmon need your response


Hello, West Coast Environmental Law sent out a critical alert on changes to the Fisheries Act that will allow the three Norwegian companies that own 98% of the BC salmon farming industry to use stronger drugs to de-louse the fish in their pens.  Apparently the deadline is tomorrow.  Increased drug resistant sea lice is impacting their profits in other regions and the prohibition against release of deleterious substances in Canada's Fisheries Act is an impediment to them.


Cast here for details


On February 25, 2014, the Minister of Fisheries, Gail Shea, met with The Senate Committee on Fisheries and Oceans about salmon farms and raised this point:

"We're working hard to resolve long-standing regulatory irritants to the industry and the provinces"


David Bevan Associate Deputy Minister at the same meeting clarified this point:

"Under section 36, it's illegal to put into the water any harmful substances, so that was a very critical impediment to further operations of the aquaculture industry, so that's what we're currently dealing with."


Trevor Swerdfager, Assistant Deputy Minister, Ecosystems and Fisheries Management told the Senate Committee:

" British Columbia we're in a position now where I think the scenarios and "
signals are all positive, we think, anyway. The industry is getting ready for a bit of a takeoff there.


Indeed two new salmon farms have been applied for off Port Hardy, on Hope Island in Goletas Channel.  A First Nation is listed as the applicant, but Marine Harvest's name is on the map.  I do not argue this First Nation's involvement, but it has to be recognized this is on the migration route of Fraser sockeye and other salmon and so they are in a position where they are making a decision for all who live south of them, who want wild salmon.  This is the nature of wild salmon, anything that happens to them along their migration route affects a lot of communities that depend on the resource.


Please consider going to the West Coast Environmental Law site and help us try to keep the prohibition against release of harmful chemicals under the Fisheries Act intact. WCEL has done a great job of making this easy for you. 

Thank you,

Alexandra Morton 


Sun Mar 16/14 6:29am

Bulkley Valley Research Centre
Congratulations to Pat Moss, recipient of the 2014 Irving Fox Award at last evening's BVRC AGM. The nomination letter reads, “If you dig around any of the major environmental campaigns affecting northwest B.C. over the past 40 years, you are bound to find evidence of Pat Moss, hard at work on the frontlines, seated at the table, or working quietly behind the scenes.” The BVRC agrees! Thanks for all your hard work, Pat Moss.


Tue Mar 11/14 6:30am

Going Global - finally!


Hello, my personal fight to protect life in the waters around my home in a remote archipelago of the BC coast has stretched on for several decades. What began as a letter writing campaign on behalf of fishermen neighbours (who lost their fishing grounds as a result of fish farm industry activity), became ten years of sea lice research, then a decade of activism, involvement in lawsuits, and virus tracking. 

Today, I am excited to be launching a website that brings together all that I have learned into one site. I hope to educate and inform people on what happens to their bodies, our children and our world, when they buy and consume a piece of farmed salmon. I also want to let you know what you can do to protect yourselves and our oceans.
I am writing to ask for your help. Please click on site By doing so, you will help build a strong pathway to this website through the ether-world of the internet.

The single greatest thing I have learned is that whether in BC, Chile, the UK, Norway or elsewhere no one can fight this aggressive Norwegian industry single-handedly.

We can feed ourselves in a much better way, but first the dirty, wasteful ways have to be shown the door.
So please visit and help power the search engines that will take our experience global.
I am humbled by your ongoing donations and support. Thank you all for sticking with me on this.  I can see light at the end of this tunnel, but it continues a very tough fight. 

alexandra morton


Sat Mar 8/14 6:31am

Farmed salmon health risk – update


Hello, when a Norwegian research pediatrician went public with the news that women of child-bearing-age risk the development of their babies brains when they eat farmed salmon, I began following the story.  This was not the first time we heard this news.


In my blog Guide to Safe Salmon I have posted a 3 minute film on what happens when you squeeze a piece of farmed salmon and I list what is known about the health risks of eating farmed salmon.


On the navigation bar you can go directly to the translated newspaper articles from Norway and see what they are saying, how the politicians have responded, what Norway did to the scientists that first raised the warnings, how Norway has lobbied to increase toxins in farmed salmon. It is a scandal.


We urgently need to decide if we are going to continue to risk our wild salmon, and health just to allow Norway to grow more and more of their fish here in BC.  It is hard to find anything beneficial about salmon farming.  The only benefit to BC is a few jobs.  We could decide to focus on much more intelligent aquaculture, work with the wild salmon to restore them and have twice as many jobs. 

The only people affected would be the shareholders of these companies who would have to decide to buy shares in something different.  Seems a small price to pay for a healthy coast, economy and food. 

If the strong Norwegian lobby was removed I think we would see a diverse BC land-based aquaculture industry thrive without growing salmon at all.  Salmon viruses would no longer a federal secret.  We could get to work healing this coast and using some of the incredibly powerful science now available to turn BC wild salmon back on!

You can help by:

Calling your local sushi restaurants and let them know what is in farmed salmon


Sign and share this petition to Premier Clark with just over 98,000 signatures



Join the Salmon Are Sacred facebook page and help with the public outreach to supermarkets.


In the next few weeks, millions of young wild salmon will be swimming to sea past salmon farms.  They will be exposed to whatever viruses, bacteria and lice are in the farms.  There is nothing smart about bathing wild salmon in industrial feedlot waste.... nothing at all.


Alexandra Morton


Rob Brown - The Skeena Angler:


We are honoured to have Rob contributing to the Fishing Report. Rob also contributes a weekly column to our local Terrace Standard Newspaper:


Rob Brown blog:

Rob Brown Welcome:


Cast on PDF link to read article:


Sun Apr 20/14 6:20am

Apr 16, 2014

Pest poison


Fri Apr 18/14 6:20am

Apr 9, 2014



Wed Apr 9/14 6:19am

Apr 2, 2014

North Fork


Wed Apr 2/14 6:19am

Mar 26, 2014

The right hook


Wed Mar 26/14 6:22am

Mar 19, 2014



Wed Mar 19/14 6:22am

Mar 12, 2014

Perfect storm


Wed Mar 12/14 6:20am

Mar 5, 2014



Wed Mar 5/14 6:36am

February 26, 2014

Paradise lost concluded


Wed Feb 26/14 6:44am

February 19, 2014

Paradise lost


(SSBC) The Steelhead Society of BC:



Here is the last News Letter that was sent out to paid up SSBC members via E-mail and is a brief synopsis of what SSBC has been up to since the last newsletter in January:


NEW FaceBook page link here:


News updates:

Sun Sep 8/13 5:01am

Package Your Fish Properly for Transport

British Columbia Tidal Waters Sport Fish Packaging Guidelines:


Sun Aug 25/13 5:01am

Fishery Notice - Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Sportfishing for Sockeye on the entire Skeena Rivers system remains closed until further notice.


Wed Jul 17/13 5:01am

Fishery Notice - Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Subject: FN0578-RECREATIONAL- Salmon- Region 6- Corrections to the 2013-2015 
BC Freshwater Salmon Supplement
Please note the following corrections to the 2013-2015 BC Freshwater Salmon 
Region 6
Bulkley River – Date change
Effective immediately until December 31, 2013, there is no fishing for Chinook 
salmon in all tributaries to the Bulkley River other than the Suskwa River.
Kasiks River – Change to waters described in the Coho closure
There is no fishing for coho in that portion of the Kasiks River upstream of 
boundary signs located below the upper pool.
Variation Order No: VO 2013–319 


Sun Mar 10/13 5:06am

Fishery Notice - Fisheries and Oceans Canada
 Subject: FN0103-RECREATIONAL - Eulachon  - All Freshwater in BC - Gear restriction
 Cast here to read notice


Wed May 2/12 5:00pm

Tyee Test Fishery for 2011


Sun April 8/12 5:00pm 

Northwest BC man pleads guilty to illegal guiding


Sun April 8/12 5:00pm

Safety and survival on water



Sun Apr 20/14 6:20am

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Market Place

For Sale


Skeena Steelhead Lodge - New Hazelton, BC

Fishing Paradise. Make your dream become reality and buy your unit, with furniture included, for only $198,000 US Dollars


Sun Apr 20/14 6:19am



                                For personal use, or turn your investment into a business



    Four great red maple log lodges are under construction in the unspoiled Canadian nature



Each lodge has two unites: Living room with kitchen, bedroom with two king size beds, cloak room, bathroom and porch with private parking.


For more info: Cast on this link to view 4 page PDF document


Contact: Telephone +39 030 3099301 or E-mail



For Sale


1000 sq ft Cabin, Skeena River water front, 12 K East of Terrace BC


Sun Apr 20/14 6:18am


Photo updated March 25th



1000 sq ft Cabin will be completed by fishing season 2014. Over looking Skeena River. 12 k east of Terrace, BC. Park your boat yards from the cabin. Lot size 1.61 acres. Comes with 24 ft Travel trailer with 20 ft pt deck & plumbed to septic. F150 Pick-up for gathering logs. Cabin will be finished with 24 ft x 16 ft front deck to watch the sun go down and the Sockeye flipping by...





       Asking price $199,000. Contact: Gary Gwynne



For Sale


West Coast of Vancouver Islands, BC

Rogers Fishing Lodge


Sun Apr 20/14 6:16am

Owners of this Lodge say they already have over 1000 guests booked for the 2014 season. In total in 2013 they did 1160 guests, so things are already pacing ahead of last year. Certainly a real positive for any potential Buyer to have a turn-key business






Rodgers Fishing Lodge is located on the west coast of Vancouver Island about 90 miles due west of Campbell River in Esperanza Inlet. Rodgers is one of the busiest fishing lodges on the B.C. coast, entertaining over 1000 guests a year. They also enjoy one of the longest seasons on the coast, operating 19 weeks in 2013.


This will be their 31st year in the Sport Fishing business and their 20th year in Esperanza Inlet. Rodgers has shown a remarkable rate of growth over the past 3 years due mainly to an aggressive, innovative and successful marketing programme. Their gross revenue has more than doubled since 2010 and 2014 looks to be another banner year with over 550 guests already booked.


The Lodge has a location second to none as it is ideally situated to take advantage of some of the most outstanding fishing opportunities on the BC coast for Salmon, Halibut, Bottom Fish and Tuna. The addition of Tuna fishing this year will add a new dimension to the business and will add increased revenue to the months of August and September. The Tuna fishery is going to be a huge breakthrough in the future for West Coast fishing lodges. Rodgers Lodge is perfectly positioned to take advantage of it. Historically, the Tuna in their migration pattern will follow the warm water temperatures that occur along the Continental Shelf. In Rodgers Lodge’s location the Continental Shelf is just 12 to 15 miles offshore as opposed to 50 miles offshore for places like Tofino and Bamfield.


Black Bear and Bald Eagles are regularly seen by the lodge. They have the largest colonies of Sea Otters on the coast and the Gray, Orca and Humpback Whales pass by on their way to and from the Bering Sea.


The owners love the business and wish that they were 30 years younger. However, they feel that it is now time to turn the reins over to someone who shares the same passion for the outdoors and who is looking for a wonderful rewarding lifestyle.


Asking price $1,199,000


Please contact Noel Gyger if you are interested.



For Sale


Hello; Just a quick note to let you know that Gibbs-Delta has several 10’ Trade Show Display Booths for sale.

There are a few different styles (pop up and foldex).

All come with cases, some have lights.


$250 each


Feel free to pass this on to anyone you know that might be looking for a display booth.


Thanks…Rob Alcock 604-940-3474


For Sale

ECO Tour Tenure license for sale:


It ranges from the Bulkley bridge just above the Suskwa down stream to Hazleton.  Then down stream through Terrace to the salt water. Takes in the Bulkley down stream to Hazleton, Skeena, Zymoetz, Kalum, Lakelse, Kasiks, Exstew, Khyex. The Seven sisters hiking trails, Pretty much everything downstream of Hazleton. Great rafting, jet boat rivers, Bird and wildlife viewing, scenery. Contact Noel Gyger if you are interested.


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It is NEVER too late to book a guided river or ocean fishing trip


RIVER FISHING Lots of lodge or day bookings still available on classified or non-classified waters.  Guiding fly or spin fishermen with raft, drift-boat or jet-boat.  Contact Noel to book NOW!


OCEAN FISHING Chinook Salmon, Bottom Fish and Crab in Prince Rupert or Kitimat Douglas Channel has started.  To book warm, covered charter boat please contact Noel Gyger anytime.  Phone: 250-635-2568 E-mail:


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