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Top Photo: March 17, 2015. LOOKING FORWARD to the Chinook season! Here is Greg Buck with a huge Skeena River Chinook (King) Salmon caught a few years ago but well worth having another look. If you are interested to hire a fishing guide, ocean or river... to learn how, where and when to catch these guys please contact me anytime and I will help make the arrangements for a trip of lifetime. Cast on photo to view in larger size


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River, Ocean and Lake Reports

(Smithers, Terrace, Kitimat, Prince Rupert and Haida Gwaii - Queen Charlotte Islands)


Last update was Sunday, March 29, 2015 at 5:03am

Sunrise 7:15am Sunset 8:02pm



- 2015 for Zymoetz (Copper) & Skeena River

- 2015 Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte Islands for river and ocean

- 2015 Skeena River summer-run Steelhead and Salmon

- 2015 Kitimat River for Coho (Silver) Salmon

- 2015 Multi Rivers for spring Steelhead

- 2015 Multi Rivers for spring Chinook

- 2015 Kwinamass River for Steelhead (April &May) only

- 2015 Nass and Coastal Rivers

- 2015 Douglas Channel ocean fishing for Salmon and Bottom fish

- 2015 Prince Rupert ocean fishing for Salmon and Bottom fish

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Commentary:  Wind: NE 5km/h Rain showers (+4 degrees C) Spring Steelheading in full swing. Rainbow, Cutthroat Trout and Dolly Varden Char are available also. Note: Avid Sportfishing sign up to receive their E-newsletters and email notifications on last minute deals, see Haida Gwaii - Queen Charlotte Islands section. Note: NEW section added called Recommended Fly Fishing GearNote: FOR SALE ECO Tour Tenure license, see Market Place section. Note: FOR SALE West Coast floating Fishing Lodge entertaining over 1000 guests per year, see Market Place section or contact Noel Gyger for more info: Note: Rogers Fishing Lodge FOR SALE see Market Place section; owners of this lodge say they already have over 1000 guests booked for the 2014 season. In total in 2013 they did 1160 guests, so things are already pacing ahead of last year. Certainly a real positive for any potential Buyer to have a turn-key business.


Observe, Record, Report fisheries and wildlife violations 1-800-465-4336


Recent and Today's updates below:


Recent updates: Update: April Vokey interviewed me about the history of Sportfishing and Guiding in NW British Columbia, see pic and caption in the Skeena River section (full crew named now). Update: Avid Sportfishing sent a Chinook pic and fishing report, see Haida Gwaii - Queen Charlotte Islands section. THEY SUGGEST: Book Now for 2015! Update: Hawkair offers special hotel prices, see Hawkair section below. Update: Tracey Hittel of Kitimat Lodge sent detailed report of recent Steelhead fly fishing and Welcome folks to stay at their lodge year round, see Kitimat Lodge section. Update: NEW to the report, links to Kalum River stories and Kalum River videos, see Kalum River section. Update: NEW to the report, links to Copper River stories and Copper River videos, see Zymoetz (Copper) River section. Update: NEW to the report, links to Kitimat River stories and Kitimat River videos, see Kitimat River section. Update: NEW Ad posted on the website for Mario who can solve ALL your computer issues local and worldwide. Update: SEE CANUCKS LIVE! Canucks Hockey Package. Fly & Stay. Prices starting $489 includes return airfare, game ticket & one night accommodation, see details on our webpage. Update: 2015 booking trips for Skeena River. Update: Tracey Hittel of Kitimat Lodge sent an eight minute Video collage created with some amazing fishing pictures from 2014!, see Kitimat Lodge section for the link. Update: Five signs of hope on climate change. Positive news overlooked: 2014 has seen significant movement toward renewable energy, see Conservation section. Update: Josh Buck shows us a good technique how to pose a Steelhead and yet keep it fully in the water, see 2014 Season Review section. Update: WFN video series "Shorelines with April Vokey" begins Jan 10th, see News Bulletin section for details. Update: Douglas Channel Watch, PLEASE protect this channel forever, see Conservation section. Update: Cast on April Vokey blog to see pics and read about Noel Gyger interview, guiding, history of Terrace and more. Update: a NEW section has been added it is called Guest Comments, see below the Rob Brown section. Update: as of Feb. 27th fishing video clips on YouTube have received 843,379 views, see Noel Gyger has 96 fishing video clips on YouTube section. Today's updates:  Update: for Skeena and Kalum River. Update: for Zymoetz (Copper) River. Update: for Lakelse River. Update:   Update: Tracey Hittel of Kitimat Lodge posted another video. This one is titled “Fishing With Our Best Steelhead Spey Guides”, see Kitimat Lodge section below. Update: Full month of February 2015 Fishing Reports are posted now, see Past Fishing Reports webpage. Update: NEW Product Profile Islander Reels see Product Profile section. Update: We would like to thank Mark Beere of the BC Govt for sending the following article links so we all can learn more regarding fishing handling during catch and release, see Releasing Fish webpage. Update: from Avid Sportfishing BOOK 5 Friends and the 6th goes FREE! (it could be you), see Avid Sportfishing section below.  Update: NEW Top Photo posted Mar 17th. Update: Canada’s wild fish need to be handled with care, see Conservation section. Update: Tracey Hittel of Kitimat Lodge offers Steelhead SPECIAL April 1 - 11, 2015 $600 per day "All Inclusive" for 5 days $3000 plus tax; this is a limited time offer you should BOOK it NOW, see Kitimat Lodge section. Update: Rob Brown latest story titled "Friday light", see Rob Brown - The Skeena Angler section. Update: stats for are now posted for Mar 27th, see above. Update: checked Mar 27th the Skeena, Kalum and Copper rivers; Skeena is really dirty, Copper is really dirty (actually copper colour) and Kalum is in good shape both upper and lower ends. Update: to receive the April 2nd, 2015 e-mail NEWSLETTER subscribe here. More updates will come in as the day moves on. Cast on links to send me your fishing report or feedback. Or phone 250-635-2568, if I am not available leave your report on my answering machine. Thank you.


RIVER and DATE - High Rez pics of river conditions:

Note: this service will begin again in spring 2015.



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How to read this webpage: Scroll down to read ALL the Current updates in Red highlighted in Yellow  The most up-to-date reports are DATE STAMPED (Example: Tue July 11/11) So when you scroll through the report look for these markers.


Skeena River

Skeena River is divided into four sections:

Skeena 1 (non-classified) Exchamsiks River downstream to the ocean.

Skeena 2 (class 2 water) Exchamsiks River upstream to 1.5 km above Kalum River.

Skeena 3 (non-classified) 1.5 km above the Kalum River upstream to 1.5 km above Zymoetz River.

Skeena 4 (class 2 water) 1.5 km above Zymoetz River upstream to the head-waters.


Sun Mar 29/15 5:03am

Water is really dirty: the dirt is coming in from the Copper River. Fishing has been good for Steelhead but you have to  know where and how to fish for them. You may want to consider hiring a guide to learn how? If so please contact me anytime I will get you set-up with the BEST.


Skeena River stories:


Skeena River - Four Seasons of Angling Paradise - by Noel Gyger


Golden Opportunities From Skeena Country - by John Beath


Cast here to read more stories on more rivers


Skeena River videos:


Skeena River Sockeye Fly Fishing-1

Cast here to watch the video


Skeena River Sockeye Fly Fishing-2

Cast here to watch the video


Cast here to watch more videos of local rivers and oceans - Salmon and Steelhead


On my left is April Vokey of flygal. April is authoring a book summarized as a reflective novel based on the history of our sport, and both its evolution & migration from the United Kingdom to North America’s west coast. She interviewed me September 16th regarding the history of Sportfishing and guiding in northwest British Columbia. The whole interview was recorded by Nick Pujic (on my right) of Vantage Point Media House for a television series on WFN. Got to say we had a lot of fun and it was hard to shut me up! I will keep you updated how this progresses. I am sorry, at this time, I cannot remember the names of the other folks in the crew. I will get them for you later.

As promised here are the names of the rest of the crew: Victor Cooper, Brock Tompkins, Yoshi Aoki, Adrienne Comeau and Catherine Laflamme (who took the photo).                                           


Skeena Water heights below:

Cast on link for current Skeena River water heights



Skeena River Tyee Test Fishery for 2014:

Moved to:



2014 Salmon Fishing Outlook:

from Fisheries and Oceans Canada Cast on this link to read the Preliminary 2014 Salmon Outlook.


Fri July 18/14 4:23am

More information has come forth from DFO regarding the 2014 Salmon run, to read adetails cast on this link:


2013 Salmon Fishing Outlook:

Can be seen here:


Skeena River Tyee Test Fishery for:

2011, 2012 and 2013 can be seen here:



Catchercraft Boats





NOW taking orders for pontoon boat or raft deliveries to the Skeena area later this year!


Go to to see a full line-up of specialized pontoon boats and rafts for fishing the wild rivers of northern British Columbia



Fishing Reports and more...



Kitimat Lodge



Sun Mar 29/15 5:03am

Tracey Hittel offers Steelhead SPECIAL April 1 - 11, 2015 $600 per day "All Inclusive" for 5 days $3000 plus tax. This is a limited time offer you should BOOK NOW!


Tue Mar 24/15 5:02am


Tracey Hittel of Kitimat Lodge posted another video. This one is titled “Fishing With Our Best Steelhead Spey Guides” 


They are Ariel and Gordon


Tracey says, "We ventured over large snow hills to access the river. Fingertips were cold in the morning but we felt confident with the chance of a hookup.


First pool, not a bite.


Brrrr, I wondered is this the day? I’ve guided my clients in these runs so many times, is my fly worthy of a steelhead?


The video says it all as pro guide Ariel is humbled, by perhaps, his largest spey caught Steelhead of his life!"


Cast on link below to watch:

Sat Feb 28/15 5:02am

Spring Steelhead fishing the Classified rivers of BC.



Spring Steelhead fishing season on the Classified rivers of BC only runs from March to May!


Read the full update:


Classified rivers are special rivers with are considered a quality experience regarding scenery and quality of fish, Salmon and Steelhead. This allows us many miles of water with reduced angler traffic!


These limited 'classified rod days' are held only by a few guides, providing our clients the best opportunity to hook that monster steelhead! BOOK NOW!


Thu Jan 29/15 5:12am

Almost 200 New Steelhead and Salmon Photos!


Hi everyone, we always get excited about the coming fishing season about this time of the year... and looking through seasons of fishing pictures is a great way to remember some of the people we've met and all of the adventures we have shared!


This month we are re-releasing hundreds of fantastic fishing pictures from the 2011 season!


You'll find stunning photos of British Columbia and lots of smiling faces of friends and guests who are holding their Steelhead or Salmon!


We would also like to connect up with you on LinkedIn, so this month we are sharing or new business page!


Click here to find links to the new photo galleries!


If you have any photos from a fishing trip- share them on our page on Facebook! 

We would love to see them!


Until next time!


Tight Lines!


Tracey and the crew


Tue Jan 20/15 5:10am


If you've been dreaming about hooking up some famous chrome steelhead check out this video from our guided Steelhead fishing trips on the world famous Skeena River and Kitimat Rivers in British Columbia Canada!


Tight Lines and have a safe holiday!


Tracey and the crew


Sun Dec 21/14 5:13am

Kitimat Lodge 2014 Season In Review!


Hi all! Here are some fishing memories to warm your weekend!


An eight minute Video collage created with some amazing fishing pictures from 2014!


Watch the video and scroll through photos here:


Enjoy!  Tight Lines,  Tracey


Large Catches of Elusive BC Steelhead


Check out the beautiful scenery we get in the October season as snow capped mountains are starting to show signs of winter.


Late Season Steelhead Fishing Report


Swinging flies for the elusive Steelhead produced large catches for Yugi, Hiroshi and Hasheme, all repeat clients.


Also a BIG thanks to our team of fishing guides for this year, working their butts off to catch fish for our guests!


Tight Lines, Tracey John Hittel


Booking 2015 Fishing Charters Now for:

  • Skeena River April Steelhead Fishing Packages

  • 2015 best dates for Kitimat River Coho Salmon

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  • Multi Rivers for 2015 Chinook Fishing

  • Douglas Channel Ocean fishing - Salmon, Halibut, Crab

2015 BC whale watching trips and hot spring tours


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Spring Steelhead begins this late March for 6 weeks. If the run of Steelhead was like last year our guests are going to hit pay dirt.




Starting in May, thru to August, Chinook Salmon we target either by Jetboats or spacious driftboats, on the rivers, or 30ft Aluminum, twin Volvo Diesel, ocean vessel. All our boat are fully equipped with top of the line gear.




Late July to late September all 5 species of Salmon are in full charge from the ocean to the rivers. We intercept these Salmon either in the Saltwater or small coastal micro streams, using like tackle or fly.




May to November is best for Halibut and Dungeness Crab. For 2014 the size limit for Halibut has increased, retaining a 70lb fish, up from the 60lb fish in 2013




The lower 100 miles of the Skeena and its tributaries are a Steelheaders dream, miles of fly water to chase the elusive steelhead. With our access to Classified waters in Skeena country, this allows us flexibility and tranquility for our customers.


BOOK SOON - don't be disappointed:


Tracey John Hittel
Kitimat BC Canada
250 632-9880 hm.
250 639-4277 cell.

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Kalum River:

Sun Mar 29/15 5:02am

Water in good shape, despite the rain. Both lower and upper ends are fishing good or Steelhead. The Spey fly rod is working well. It is just a matter how knowing which pools and runs they are holding in. If you need a guide to show you how and where just contact me anytime. Guiding will start again 1st of April.


Kalum River stories:


Sweetheart Steelheading on the Kalum River - by Noel Gyger


North Country Spring Time Steelhead - by Dave Vedder


Big River Mixed Bag - West Coast Bounty - by Italo Labignan


May 2nd on the Kalum – by Noel Gyger


North Country Spring Time Steelhead (Short) – by Dave Vedder


20- Pound Steelhead – Making the Dream Come True – by Dave Vedder


For more stories cast here:


Kalum River videos:


Kalum River Coho

Cast here to watch the video


Cast on link below to watch more videos:


Kalum River Podcasts:


Dustin Kovacvich & Noel Gyger "test fish" for Kalum River Chinook


Please note: it may take awhile for the podcasts to load.


Cast on the link below to watch more podcasts:


Lakelse River:

Sun Mar 29/15 5:02am

The Steelhead fishing is really good in the upper end and mid river. Tip: Fly fishing is good technique. Instead of a fly I would use a bright red cocky as I knew the Steelhead were eating the Coho eggs that would escape from the Coho reds. Sometimes in the deeper runs I would tie on a flatfish plug and feed it into the deep pool.  I know it is not a fly but no problem as the “fly-only” time is from Mar 1 to May 31. Also in the deeper runs I liked float fishing the corky with a little white wool. My friends and I really liked to fish the upper end this time of year while we waited for the Kalum River levels to drop so we could use our drifts and not have to compete with the jet boats. We would run our drift boats all winter and for many years the Steelhead fishing was simply outstanding and I know it still is. Good luck!


Zymoetz (Copper) River:

Sun Mar 29/15 5:02am

Water is totally dirty (actually copper coloured). Steelheading has been excellent! Tip: Float fishing the Pink Worm works very well in this river. Need a guide  for 2014 in either the Class one or Class two section contact me anytime.


Copper River stories:


Copper River Steelhead - by Jim & Carolyn Z. Shelton


For more stories cast here:


Copper River videos:


Watch more videos here:



                                                          Click on pics for high rez view


CLICK HERE to view high rez pic of river conditions for Oct. 7, 2014


Sample Zymoetz (Copper) River heights below:

Cast on link for current Zymoetz (Copper) River water heights:


Kitimat River:

Need the "best" fishing guide just contact me anytime. Thanks.


Kitimat River stories:


12 Seasons of Kitimat River - by Noel Gyger


For more stories cast here:


Kitimat River videos:                                                  


Sample Kitimat River waters heights below:

Cast on link for current Kitimat River water heights:


Douglas Channel:

Tue Aug 26/14 5:32am

Chinook fishing in the channel is basically over as all of the fish have moved into their natal rivers, although one has a chance to catch "feeder springs", these would be smaller fish. Coho fishing is slow; they are all heading for their home rivers...and their home rivers don't have much water in them. Coho are being caught but way down the channel. Halibut and other Bottom fish are being landed in good numbers and lots Dungeness Crab. Now when I say this fishing is good you got to know what to fish with, where to fish and how. Pink and Sockeye are out their too. My suggestion is to book a charter guide for trip or two, then you will be up to speed how to do it on your own. 

                                                                         Fish, Bike, Run and more in Smithers, BC


Recommended Fly Fishing Gear:


Courtesy Chad Black Nicholas Dean Outdoors


In the low water conditions of early April, we generally used light sink tips to cover the shallow riffles and tailouts where Steelhead were holding.  Type 3 and Type 6 tips were generally all that was needed for most conditions.  With the higher flows of late Spring, and in particular on the tributary rivers, we've also been using Rio's MOW tips in a variety of weights and lengths to get the fly down to the fish.  The Heavy MOW tips, made of T-14 material, have been particularly useful, in lengths of 5, 7.5, 10 and 12.5 ft.


As with March, best colours have been pink, black, blue and orange.  When fishing the Skeena and its tribs, larger flies from 2.5" to 4" in length have been most productive.  Smaller flies in a variety of weights in the 1" to 2.5" range have worked the best on coastal rivers. 

When targeting Steelhead, we've been using rods in the 12.5' to 13.5' ft range, for a 7 or 8 weight line on the larger rivers. Our personal favourites for this fishing include the 7126 Sage TCX and the 8139 Loomis Dredger.  When targeting Chinook specifically, we've been using heavier 9 and 10 weight rods in the 13' to 15' range.  Single hand rods and switch rods have gotten the nod on the coastal rivers.  In particular, I had a chance to fish a 8116 Sage One rod and can confirm that it's a very good rod that's ideally suited to the coast!


Rods, Reels, Lines: For Steelhead - Spey rods in the 12' to 14' range, with a Skagit head to match.  A 7126 TCX paired with a 500 grain Skagit Flight and Loomis  8139 Dredger with a 525 grain Skagit are excellent choices.  A good quality disc or cork drag reel (e.g. Islander and Ross) with a minimum of 150 yards of 30 lb backing.  For Spring Chinook Salmon, same as above, except with heavier gear - 9 weight minimum, 10 weight better.

Sink Tips and Tippet: A 15' Type III and 15' Type VI for most shallow water applications, and a variety of MOW tips - medium (T-11) and heavy (T-14) for deeper and/or heavier water.  Always 15 lb Maxima Ultragreen for Steelhead.  Increase tippet to 20 lb Maxima Ultragreen if targeting Spring Chinook.

Flies: Idylwilde String Leech, Bunny Tube, Marabou Tube and Popsickle, in shrimp pink, cerise, black, blue and orange.  

If you need info to book a pro fishing guide please contact me anytime.

Prince Rupert Ocean Fishing:

Fri Oct 17/14 5:14am

Fish from this Grady White for ALL the bottom fish plus ALL the Salmon, Dungeness Crab and Alaskan King Crab...with a captain who has over 40 years experience. If you are interested to book a charter please contact me anytime for ALL the details.



Terrace BC Canada


Skeena Salmon Lodge Guiding



Flyfishing in Canada

Welcome to the Skeena Salmon Lodge Guiding! Our unique Lodge sits right on the banks of the salmon-rich Skeena River, surrounded by snow-covered peaks and pristine nature. In the north-western part of British Columbia, where you find Canada at its most beautiful, where lakes and rivers dazzle with their purity, and wilderness can be truly experienced, you will find some of the world’s best salmon river; among them, the Skeena River, possibly Canada’s best know salmon river. Join us and experience outstanding fishing while enjoying comfort of the highest standard in the primal wilderness of Canada. Thank you and tight lines, Willi Schmidt


Please visit our website for more info:



Haida Gwaii - Queen Charlotte Islands:


                             Avid Sportfishing



       Our 30 foot Kingfisher guide boat, the safest and most comfortable in the Charlottes


                Finest ocean and river fishing, lodging and dining in remote Haida Gwaii


       We strive to provide our guests with the BEST fishing lodge experience possible


Contact us anytime for more information:


Avid Sportfishing     1-877-770-AVID (2843)


Sun Mar 29/15 5:03am


US customers can enjoy up to 20% savings on a world class fishing trip to Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte Islands. Take advantage of currency exchange rates and book your fishing adventure of a lifetime today!

Visit for more details...



Interested in a top notch fishing adventure in 2015? We have great packages in the best place on earth to catch salmon & halibut.




Cast here to watch their NEW Video on YouTube




Fishing for Halibut and Salmon this month has been simply outstanding. Book you charter soon to avoid disappointment.



Here's our latest addition to the fleet for 2014. That's right we are now operating 2 - 30 foot Kingfisher guide boats. This one is tricked out with all the same options and quality gear as our first boat. Luxury fishing on the West Coast of Haida Gwaii just got even better!


Reserve Your Dates for 2015

We are already over 50% booked and prime dates are going quickly. If you’re thinking about taking the family on a great fishing adventure or looking for a hard core fishing trip with the boys next summer, Avid Sport fishing's all inclusive trips have all bases covered. Round trip airfare from Vancouver, exclusive beachfront lodging and amazing meals combined with BC’s best Chinook salmon fishing and experienced guides make for a “Top Notch” fishing trip that is second to none. Some exciting news for groups that require 2 boats (6 to 8 guests) is the addition of another 30 foot Kingfisher guide boat. This allows us to offer a truly unique experience with 2 of the nicest, most comfortable, most seaworthy and just plain “fishy” boats in all of Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte Islands. Predictions for 2014 Chinook (King) salmon runs look very good with more 4 and 5 year old fish returning meaning bigger average size than in 2013.

Please contact us to discuss dates and join Avid Sportfishing for another season of great fishing, and good times on the West Coast of Haida Gwaii in 2015!

1-877-770-AVID(2843) or fill out our Booking Inquiry Form


News Bulletin:

Sat Jan 17/15 5:12am



Shorelines with April Vokey follows April on her life long dream to author a book about the evolution of steelhead and Atlantic salmon fishing in North America. From the Maritimes, through the Great Lakes and finally the West Coast, join April and her photographers as they reveal the rich histories, evolution and of course, world-class fisheries on their journey.


Episode 1 begins Saturday, January 10 @ 8:30am


Cast here to watch the video trailer and learn ALL future show schedules.



Smithers BC and area fishing report:

Coming again in July 2015


Recent Top Photos


March 4 to March 17, 2015. Tracey Hittel of Kitimat Lodge says, "we've been exploring the rivers before the guests arrive and I'm quite happy with the catch numbers and the health of the Steelhead is very good." If you are interested to hire a fishing guide, ocean or river... to learn how, where and when to catch these guys please contact me anytime and I will help make the arrangements for a trip of lifetime. Cast on photo to view in larger size


February 24 to March 4, 2015. The countdown to the 2015 Avid Sportfishing fishing season has begun. Until then, we'll prepare by going fishing. Because that's what you do when you're a full time Haida Gwaiian. Cast on this link for our latest blog report: If you are interested to hire a fishing guide, ocean or river... to learn how, where and when to catch these guys please contact me anytime and I will help make the arrangements for a trip of lifetime. Cast on photo to view in larger size


February 18 to February 24, 2015. Photo from Avid Sport Fishing. US customers can enjoy up to 20% savings on a world class fishing trip to Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte Islands. Take advantage of currency exchange rates and book your fishing adventure of a lifetime today! Visit for more details. If you are interested to hire a fishing guide to learn how, where and when to catch these guys please contact me anytime and I will help make the arrangements for a trip of lifetime. Cast on photo to view in larger size


February 3 to February 18, 2015. Beautiful pic of a Skeena system wild Steelhead about to be released. Photo courtesy Tracey Hittel of Kitimat Lodge ~ If you are interested to hire a fishing guide to learn how, where and when to catch these guys please contact me anytime and I will help make the arrangements for a trip of lifetime. Cast on photo to view in larger size


January 20 to February 3, 2015. Here is an absolutely beautiful pic of a Steelhead caught and released in the most gentle way and keeping it in the water. We would like to thank Joseph Princen for giving us permission to post it. Joseph is a professional photographer and his guide website is  ~ If you are interested to hire a fishing guide to learn how, where and when to catch these guys please contact me anytime and I will help make the arrangements for a trip of lifetime. Cast on photo to view in larger size


2014 Season Review:

Sat Jan 17/15 5:12am

Josh Buck shows us how to pose a Steelhead yet keep in fully in the water. Well done Josh. Josh's Dad, Greg Buck gave us permission to post this pic. FYI - Greg started his fish guiding  career with me in the 1990's. Where has all the time gone?



Guest Photos and captions:

Thu Sept 25/14 5:17am

Brian Ziegler from New Jersey USA sent this pic of his Skeena River Coho landed with Spey rod on Saturday September 6, 2014. It measured 36.5 x 24. WOW ! That's one BIG Coho. Thanks for send the pic. Best regards, Noel



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 8. Terrace BC Fishing Guides 


Steve Hidber - Oscars Source for Sports, Smithers BC


No matter if you call the Bulkley Valley home or are here visiting, make sure to come see us. We are your source for fishing and sports activities. We are also here to help you with local information and activities in the area.


 Alex, Jim, Steve

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They also operate a Fishing Guide and Charter Boat: Reliable Guide and Charters

Contact Noel Gyger to book a guided fishing trip both river and ocean


Product Profile:

Islander Reels


   Manufacture of World-Class and Specialty Fishing Reels



Islander Reels has been manufacturing precision Center Pin, Fly and Mooching reels for over 15 years as a division of The J.S. Foster Corporation of Saanichton, near Victoria, B.C., Canada.


"In order to land the big fish you need a reel that you can depend on, a reel that will hold its own in the face of a challenge. For over 15 years Islander Reels have been put to the test in some of the most extreme sports fishing conditions in the world. In our constant quest for perfection, Islander Reels have evolved into the best reels on the market. From detailed design and ingenious machining to the final finishing touch, Islander Reels have been built to last, built to excel and built to provide you with the fishing experience of a lifetime."


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Sun Mar 29/15 5:02am

Canada’s wild fish need to be handled with care


Lawyers with Ecojustice have recently brought three court cases that touch on a profound problem with the aquaculture industry in Canada: Government agencies, companies, and professional bodies like the College of Veterinarians of B.C. are not doing enough to protect wild salmon and the marine environment on which they depend.


Cast here for the full story


Fri Mar 20/15 5:01am

Divest from Dirty Salmon


Hello, please view the letter hundreds of people from around the world are signing asking Norway to divest from dirty salmon.  Most of the fish farm companies in BC have their head offices in Norway.


Many of the people signing this letter are Norwegians (scroll to bottom of page to read all the comments), also people from Germany, UK, Sweden, Denmark and Canada.


Here's the letter:


Here's my blog if you need an explanation.

Please share this letter widely. Alex Morton


Fri Feb 20/15 5:12am

Do the Griegs need two new salmon farms?


Hello, over the past month Norwegian fishermen have shocked their nation with images of diseased steelhead that have escaped into their fjords.  As a result, Norway has enacted a new law to fine the companies that have escapes and two Norwegian politicians are calling for moving the industry onto land.


But is it too late - see disease results on steelhead.


However, here in British Columbia, the Norwegian shipping family, the Grieg's, want two more salmon farms to go into the Knight's Inlet area!  This family has called on other companies to fight climate change, I don't think they understand how that conflicts with salmon farming in BC.


They need to hear from you.  This decision is up to you. See the blog for opportunities to be heard.


Also - Feb 10,  PORT MCNEILL, Black Bear Motel, 4-8pm public open house on the two new farms.


Cast here for all the details

Alexandra Morton



Sun Feb 8/15 5:13am

Breaking News - Norway Fisheries Minister asked to resign


Hello, a few days ago FaceBook ignited with grotesque images of escaped farmed rainbow trout in Norway.  Norwegian sport fishermen are posting images of the 60-80 fish they are catching per day in a race to keep these "fish" from entering wild salmon rivers and digging up the eggs of the last few wild Atlantic salmon.  The controversy that has built is causing unprecedented political response recommending the salmon farming industry get out of the ocean. For the politicians who refuse to see the damage, the call is for them to get out of office.


Norway is the mother of salmon farming - perhaps we should listen.


Cast here for more detail


Reading this and looking at the pictures is like looking in the mirror - farmed steelhead, infected with viruses threatening wild Atlantic salmon...


This industry has to go.  Their last stronghold has turned on them. Consider sharing this blog with all your politicians and would be politicians.


Alexandra Morton


Rob Brown - The Skeena Angler:


We are honoured to have Rob contributing to the Fishing Report. Rob also contributes a weekly column to our local Terrace Standard Newspaper:


Rob Brown blog:

Rob Brown Welcome:


Cast on PDF link to read article:


Sun Mar 29/15 5:01am

Friday light


Wed Mar 25/15 5:02am

Kalum fish populations


Wed Mar 18/15 5:02am

Zymoetz changes


Wed Mar 11/15 5:01am

First Cutt


Wed Mar 4/15 5:00am

It's in a book


Wed Feb 25/15 5:00am

Casting a fly


Wed Feb 18/15 5:14am

Spey casting


Wed Feb 11/15 5:13am

Cutthroat woes


Wed Feb 4/15 5:10am

Troubled trout


Guest Comments:

Wed Feb 18/15 5:13am


A letter in response to Rob Brown’s Skeena Angler column “Setting Them Free” by Dennis Therrien:


After reading Rob Brown’s Skeena Angler column “Setting Them Free” of Oct. 29, 2014, I couldn’t help but feel that the steelhead stocks must be in dire straits and are doomed to extinction, unless we take drastic steps to turn things around.

The crux of his argument is...full letter



A letter in response to Jim Culp’s letter in the Terrace Standard “Stop the Brickbats” by Dennis Therrien:


After reading Jim Culp’s recent letter “Stop the brickbats” of Dec. 31, 2014, I could see that both of us are on a similar path, which is to do as little harm as possible to our wild steelhead, as recreational anglers. Where our paths diverge, is on overregulation.


Rob Brown’s position on regulation change is...full letter


(SSBC) The Steelhead Society of BC:



Here is the last News Letter that was sent out to paid up SSBC members via E-mail and is a brief synopsis of what SSBC has been up to since the last newsletter in January:


NEW FaceBook page link here:



Wed Apr 30/14 6:20am

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Market Place

Sun Mar 29/15 5:00am

For Sale 


Terrace, BC

800 sq ft - 1-1/2 story rancher cabin w/loft





Are you looking for a rustic getaway in the heart of Salmon and Steelhead country? Look no further than this picturesque cabin in a rural setting 12 km east of Terrace BC on the Skeena River. This cabin provides the rustic charm of a cozy living space with a covered deck, wooden tongue-in-groove interior finishing, and an old-fashioned Heartland wood stove. In addition, you also get all the amenities expected of a modern home, including full electric hook-up, interior plumbing with water provided from a natural spring, a bathroom plumbed to septic, 43 litre hot water tank, washer/dryer, fridge, stove, excellent cellular coverage, and availability of internet. This cabin has been lived in year-round for the past 2 years!

Property size ~ 6 acres with a mix of cleared and landscaped grounds and natural treed areas. Lots of fruit on the property including blackberries, raspberries, currants, blueberries, apples, plums, cherries, and pears. Property also has ample room for storage with an open wood shed, a closed garden shed, and an unfinished house/workshop.

Asking price $189,000  Contact: Ric Bennett



Fri Feb 20/15 5:10am


For Sale 



Telkwa, BC

Bulkley Riverfront Home




Updated Bulkley Riverfront home in Telkwa features 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a huge sundeck. Basement has been redone with concrete in-floor heat, large master bedroom, and a very modern bathroom. The bathroom has heated concrete floors, an open-room shower, and a beautiful pedestal bathtub. Main floor has original hardwood flooring, freestanding wood stove, and a large sunroom. Great river and Hudson Bay Mountain view, large treed lot and riverside firepit.

Great Steelhead fishing 40ft from the backdoor or long run 250 yards down, good spot to keep a jet or drift boat. Best time for Steelhead Aug 15 and it is fishable until Dec 31. Also there is Coho, Chinook, Pinks and Trout. Could be yours for $339,000

Contact Noel Gyger for more info


For Sale


West Coast of Vancouver Islands, BC

Rogers Fishing Lodge


Sun Mar 29/15 5:00am


Owners of this Lodge say they already have over 1000 guests booked for the 2014 season. In total in 2013 they did 1160 guests, so things are already pacing ahead of last year. Certainly a real positive for any potential Buyer to have a turn-key business






Rodgers Fishing Lodge is located on the west coast of Vancouver Island about 90 miles due west of Campbell River in Esperanza Inlet. Rodgers is one of the busiest fishing lodges on the B.C. coast, entertaining over 1000 guests a year. They also enjoy one of the longest seasons on the coast, operating 19 weeks in 2013.


This will be their 31st year in the Sport Fishing business and their 20th year in Esperanza Inlet. Rodgers has shown a remarkable rate of growth over the past 3 years due mainly to an aggressive, innovative and successful marketing programme. Their gross revenue has more than doubled since 2010 and 2014 looks to be another banner year with over 550 guests already booked.


The Lodge has a location second to none as it is ideally situated to take advantage of some of the most outstanding fishing opportunities on the BC coast for Salmon, Halibut, Bottom Fish and Tuna. The addition of Tuna fishing this year will add a new dimension to the business and will add increased revenue to the months of August and September. The Tuna fishery is going to be a huge breakthrough in the future for West Coast fishing lodges. Rodgers Lodge is perfectly positioned to take advantage of it. Historically, the Tuna in their migration pattern will follow the warm water temperatures that occur along the Continental Shelf. In Rodgers Lodge’s location the Continental Shelf is just 12 to 15 miles offshore as opposed to 50 miles offshore for places like Tofino and Bamfield.


Black Bear and Bald Eagles are regularly seen by the lodge. They have the largest colonies of Sea Otters on the coast and the Gray, Orca and Humpback Whales pass by on their way to and from the Bering Sea.


The owners love the business and wish that they were 30 years younger. However, they feel that it is now time to turn the reins over to someone who shares the same passion for the outdoors and who is looking for a wonderful rewarding lifestyle.


Asking price $1,199,000


Please contact Noel Gyger if you are interested.


For Sale

ECO Tour Tenure license for sale:


It ranges from the Bulkley bridge just above the Suskwa down stream to Hazleton.  Then down stream through Terrace to the salt water. Takes in the Bulkley down stream to Hazleton, Skeena, Zymoetz, Kalum, Lakelse, Kasiks, Exstew, Khyex. The Seven sisters hiking trails, Pretty much everything downstream of Hazleton. Great rafting, jet boat rivers, Bird and wildlife viewing, scenery. Contact Noel Gyger if you are interested.


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