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"The fun derived from fly fishing is not just in the fish you catch, but the people you are with. " Jim Teeny

Memories are many for four generations of the Wooldridge family. It has been 100 years since the establishment of "Wooldridge Boats."

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No matter if you call the Bulkley Valley home or are here visiting, make sure to come see us. We are your source for fishing and sports activities. We are also here to help you with local information and activities in the area.




Noel Gyger - Guided Fishing Adventures and LIVE Fishing Report





Pure Fishing is a global family of quality fishing tackle brands, offering a broad range of products that meet or exceed the needs of today's anglers.

Pure Fishing (

Building the World's Best Fishing Company, One Brand at a Time. Fireline; Trilene Big Game Fishing Line; Berkley Gulp Alive; Power Bait; ABU Garcia; Penn; Fenwick; Pflueger; Spider Wire; Mitchell; Stren; Johnson; Ugly Stik; Shakespeare; Hodgman; Sebile to name a few. Today, Pure Fishing addresses the needs of anglers around the world with a strong portfolio of leading brands. They are dedicated to helping you have more fun and catch more fish.



Shimano (

New Lightweight Stradic Spinning Reels


At the 2009 ICAST Show, the Stradic C14 reels received the freshwater reel "Best of Show" honor in the New Product Showcase awards voted on by tackle buyers and media attendees. It's the eighth year in a row a Shimano reel has been recognized with an award in the ICAST's flagship event.

PowerPro (

The PowerPro Advantage: incredible tensile strength-excellent knot strength-smooth and slick-appropriate stiffness. Won't bury in the spool. Spools and packs better on any reel. Unbelievable strength-to- diameter-ratio. Reduces wind knots, backlashes, guide and rod tip wraps. Ties easily and hold knots. Near zero stretch. No reel memory. Sails effortlessly through guides for longer casts. Resists abrasion by equipment or natural hazards. Won't cut guides. Maintains performance over time!

Kitimat Lodge (

Welcome to the Kitimat Lodge

Experience  the best in coastal fishing!

Rivers teeming with Salmon and Steelhead flowing into the Saltwater of the Kitimat Region.

Lodge caters to freshwater and saltwater clients from around the globe with capacity is 24 guests per week, 18 suites in all, privately located on the cliffs carved by the Kitimat River.

Our sea run Steelhead season begins March 15th and we target all 5 species of Salmon until December 1st.

Make Kitimat Lodge your destination for 2013 


Best Lure co ( )

The BEST Handmade Wooden Lures. PERFECT for fresh and saltwater fish.

Our lures are crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. We strive to make our lures as lifelike as possible. Made with the highest quality materials, all of our products are durable and effective.

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Super-shallow running, sports car type of the Wooldridge Fleet The Wooldridge Alaskan is the super-shallow running, sports car type of the Wooldridge Fleet. It doesn't take a lot of power for this agile, sure-footed boat to display incredible handling and superior shallow water performance.
     Check out the formed ribs on the semi-V hull and the exclusive Wooldridge tunnel pioneered over two decades ago. The hull design combined with the unique tunnel enables this boat to maneuver like none other. It gets on step quickly and negotiates through narrow twisting waterways to get at the best of more online

                 Welcome onboard!

      Autographed copies $20 includes taxes & shipping

FLOAT_FISHING - the Book (


                  Autographed Copies

          $20 Included Taxes and Shipping


FLOAT FISHING The author's first book, Steelhead University:  Your Guide to Salmon and Steelhead Success has accumulated numerous accolades including Northwest Outdoor Writer's Association's prestigious "Book of the Year" honours for 2012. Now the award winning author brings you into his world, the world he knows best, the exciting world of float fishing. Cast here to read more...




Addicted to Fly Fishing

Skeena Waters Fly Shop

is a modern dedicated fly-fishing shop in Terrace, British Columbia. The many sport-fishing anglers will find all what they need to make successful their fishing adventure on the various waters of the Skeena river region and beyond. Shop at our store with confidence and expert advise. We offer best in class products from level entry to the high end fishing brands that will satisfy all needs not matter if you are a novice or a professional anglers needs. We are proud to carry some of the most innovative and finest brands in the fly fishing market like Hardy, Guideline, Fishpond, Redington, Hodgman, Columbia Sport Wear, RIO, Airflo, Echo and many more.




Flyer Flyer 2017 PDF  


Phone: 705-561-1406






G.Loomis (


FLY RODS: Trout Rods; Steelhead & Salmon; Saltwater Rods;

Warmwater Rods; Performance & Value Rods; GLX Classics.


CONVENTIONAL: Bass Rods; Smallmouth Rods; Classic Bass Rods; Walleye Rods; Muskie Rods; Salmon & Steelhead; Classic Salmon & Steelhead Rods; Saltwater Rods; Trout & Panfish Rods.


Teeny Fly Lines (


"The fun derived from fly fishing is not just in the fish you catch, but the people you are with. "
Jim Teeny



Redl Sports - Trophy XL - Dragonfly (
Tuf-Line - awarded "best" new braided line (
Sufix - The World's Most Hardcore Fishing Line (
Baitrix - The Natural Alternative Bait (
Ace Line Hauler - The best Crab & Prawn puller (
Oscars Source for Sports - Smithers BC (
Lyman Lures - Finest handmade wooden plugs (
Islander - Precision Fly & Specialty Reels (
Scotty - Downriggers, rod holders and accessories (
Gibbs-Delta -Catching, Not just Fishing (
Aspen Inn & Suites - Smithers BC  (
Maxima - The Best by Test (
Wooldridge Boats - Best in Boating since 1915 (

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